“Rambo: Last Blood” finally gets a release date… the 5th Rambo film will be released on Sept. 20th…

“Rambo: Last Blood” the fifth installment to the Rambo franchise has just finally got a release date. The film will be hitting theaters on Sept. 20th. The film’s plot will be that Rambo will be trying to find a missing daughter for a friend of his.

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Will Be Spilled In September Via Lionsgate

If you check Sly’s official instagram page, he’s been sharing all kinds of screen shots from the new film but they’re all in black and white. The film is in “color” of course, just the photos being released are in black and white. So far, the movie is looking interesting and it’s looking like to be a different Rambo film than the previous ones.

Yes, the film is looking like to be a modern day Western so far and many of Sly’s fans are being skeptical of the film for that reason. They are all saying, “This is not Rambo”. Yeah, Rambo has short hair and he’s looking like a cowboy now. Sly warned many times that this will be a different Rambo film. For a long time, Sly’s been wanting to have a Rambo film to be more like a Western and looks like they’re doing that now.

Make no mistake about it, y’all. Sly would know what Rambo fans would want. While this film is so far looking like a Western film, I’m sure the dark and violent Rambo still hasn’t changed. There will be plenty of action, blood and violence in this film for sure. Trust, Sly. I predict this film will be even more action packed and more violent than the previous 4. I’m sure Rambo’s problems with PTSD still hasn’t changed. Remember the quote from the first film, “You just can’t turn it off”.

I’m already predicting this could be the best Rambo film of the series but we’ll see. We haven’t even seen a trailer yet but now we got a release date, I expect our first teaser trailer real soon.

I’m happy for Sly that he changed his mind about retiring Rambo and he decided to give us one more. It don’t hurt to give us one more Rambo film ’cause we deserve another one. I’m looking forward to this one and this movie I’m looking forward to seeing more than anything else this year. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great movie and Sly won’t disappoint us.


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