Watch me smash a 300 lb. and 310 lb. deadlift which I did today…

Well, I knew I could smash a 300 lb. deadlift which was pretty easy. It was such a piece of cake that I felt like that I could lift a little more so I threw an extra 10 pounds on and gave 310 lb. deadlift a shot. The 310 lb. deadlift was a successful lockout.

Yep, this what you gotta do before doing your 1 rep maxes. Gotta properly warm up beforehand so you will be able to lift the big ones.

I’m going to give maxing out on bench another try this coming Monday to see if I’m able to get 160 or a little more hopefully. Just gotta properly warm up so you won’t feel all fatigued and beat-up.

Getting ready for Marc 30th powerlifting meet and working hard for this one as you can see. I know I’m gonna kick ass that day and kill it!


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