I love weightlifting and going to the gym and all but there will be some downsides about it…

Okay, I need to go on a little rant a bit. Yeah, I love weightlifting and going to the gym. It’s my second biggest passion in life right behind music. While I know that weightlifting is going to have a positive impact in my life, there will be some downsides about it like the title says. There will be some negative aspects of weightlifting for sure. Not only that getting injuries for weightlifting will be a huge problem, there will be more.

When you go to the gym and hit the weights to try and change your life, the problems you will have is how people respond to you. Yeah, you will get a lot of doubters, criticizers and worriers for sure.

There are going to be some people that will worry about me weightlifting ’cause of my scoliosis condition. Some will worry that me lifting heavy weights will make my metal rod in the spine worsen by lifting heavy weights all the time. Well, I just went to the doctor earlier this week for a yearly check up and I just found out from the doctor that weightlifting won’t worsen my spine at all. Weightlifting won’t make my curvature a lot worse. That’s what the doctor said. He did explain why it wouldn’t but I forgot what he said. Anyway, I was very happy and thrilled to hear my doctor say that so I’m good to do all the wicked heavy lifting in the gym all I want to. I knew it couldn’t worsen my spine and I’m glad my doctor sees that. So no need to worry y’all… I can get into powerlifting and strongman competition all I want to.

Would I get into strongman competition someday??? I don’t know, we’ll see. For now, I’ll just stick with powerlifting ’cause I’m loving that.

Another thing I want to say is that when you get into weightlifting, you’ll definitely be getting some criticizers after you. For example, I’ve been lifting in the gym for years and people still want to treat me like I’m a beginner. They want to act like that I just started and some want to treat me as if I’m a weak little kid in the gym. That’s how some people has been treating me online nowadays especially in forums and social networking. I’ve been lifting for years and I’ve got a great enough physique for my age and yet, people want to act like I know nothing about fitness and bodybuilding.

That’s the thing, ya know??? The more successful you are in the gym, the more doubters and criticizers you would get. Yes, you’re definitely going to make people jealous for sure, absolutely. That’s why you get people negatively critiquing your form and critiquing your physique ’cause they do it out of “jealousy”, in my opinion. They just want what you have and they don’t have it. They can’t lift the heavy weights and they don’t have the great physique like you have. That’s why you get doubters, criticizers and know-it-alls coming after you. What’s even crazier is that you’ll get advice from people who don’t even lift at all and I’ve gotten that a lot, lol.

When people are proud of your lifting and you earned respect from everyone around you, that’s when you’ll get the haters you see. They get all jealous that you won respect from people and you’ve earned a lot of supporters ’cause of your lifting.

When you get into weightlifting like bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman or whatever… you can’t listen to negativity when you hit the gym. I never listened to anybody. I just do my thing. I just ignore people and do things my way in fitness and working out. Yeah, people do critique my form a lot but I just do things that works for me. Everybody is different. I’m a self-taught lifter. I never had a personal trainer or a coach. Everything you see me do in the gym, I taught myself. I learned how to lift weights through Arnold’s “Modern Bodybuilding” book and through youtube videos.

You may think that no one is paying attention to what you’re doing in the gym but believe me, people will give you respect when they see what you do. You’ll never know who is paying attention. Don’t listen to the haters and negativity aimed at your lifting. Just do your thing and your thing only. When you’re getting haters and criticizers, it’s actually a good thing.

Yeah, people do SUCK in the fitness world and people are gonna be weird for sure but this is all about you. Not them. That’s what I do it for. I do it for me. I want to get real strong and get healthy. That’s a part of why I got into powerlifting to help me get strong. Yeah, I can’t lift the super heavy weights in powerlifting yet but I do want to get there and it’ll take some time. Someday I will be able to lift over 500 lbs. on the big three: deadlift, squat and bench. Just not rushing myself. I’ve been lifting for a longtime but I am a beginner at powerlifting. I’m already doing pretty good in powerlifting and I’m glad I got into the sport. I’m loving the sport. Best thing in my life right now.



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