People who love deadlifting should watch this video…

Kind of an old video but I think this video by Steve Shaw is worth sharing.

People who love to deadlift in the gym wonder why their backs are always hurting. Well, I agree with everything this guy said in this video. If deadlifters wonder why their lower backs hurt all the time is: 1) Their form sucks 2) They max out every week. Either one of those two will hurt your lower back.

Deadlifting maybe the best workout in the gym and maybe a blast to do but deadlift carefully and responsibly ’cause many in the gym don’t. Everyday at my local gym, for the hell of it, I like to watch other people deadlift while I rest in between sets during my workouts. Well some people deadlift in good form but most deadlift horribly, it’s crazy, ya know? I see too many lifters deadlifting with rounded backs all the time. Some deadlift with their hips too damn low that it’s almost like a squat. People deadlift by standing too far from the bar and I can go on.

I try to make my deadlift form as perfect as possible. I made one mistake on deadlift that I’ve been maxing out every week which was why I took out my back at one point a long while back. The back pain wasn’t that serious and it went away in a few days. That gave me a pretty good lesson not to max out every week.  Plus, maybe my form was a little off when that happened.

When deadlifting, you can not only hurt your lower back, you can hurt yourself in other places on your body too. Deadlift can be a fun and simple exercise as long as you do it right. If you do perfect form on every rep, you won’t hurt yourself at all and you’ll be fine.

Deadlift is very good for the back and one of the best back exercises in the gym. Deadlift is not just a back exercise, though, it works out muscles throughout your entire body pretty much except for the chest.

There’s a reason that deadlift is the most popular exercise in the gym. It used to be that bench press was the king of all workouts but now it’s looking like that deadlift has taken over the bench press’s spotlight.


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