The WWE lost their viewers and now they are losing their superstars… when will Vince McMahon wake up???

For a long while now, the WWE have been losing their ratings, big time again. This is nothing new with WWE. Sometimes they are good with the ratings but most of the times the ratings have been horrible. Both RAW, Smackdown Live and the ppv’s have been at an all time low.

Why have the ratings been going down? Some people blame it on 3 hours of RAW and blame it on the many commercials that are aired during Smackdown Live. During Smackdown Live the blue brand, they air a lot of commercials… they even air commercials during the matches and that could be what drew viewers away. That’s what I think. People also believe that people turned away from WWE ’cause they are for the Saudi’s. WWE does live shows with Saudi Arabia and fans protested against them for doing it ’cause of the Saudi’s killing of that journalist. Fans didn’t want WWE to continue with the Saudi shows but they did anyways so maybe lots of fans are boycotting WWE ’cause simply they are for the Saudi’s. That could be another reason.

Those could be some pretty good reasons that people are pretty much done with WWE. Other reasons I could think of: 1) People are fed up with the PG era 2) Bad wrestling matches 3) Terrible booking 4) The superstars aren’t being used right 5) Fans are fed up with WWE ramming Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey down their throats.

I think the main reason why people are turning away is ’cause of “wrestling” really. That’s what people watch these shows for, they want to see “wrestling” but the WWE haven’t been giving us that. All they’ve been doing lately is too many wrestlers cutting promos, long boring storylines and feuds. None of us wants to see that. We want to see great matches like the good ol’ days, ya know? This is why NXT the WWE’s third brand is doing better in ratings than the main roster ’cause NXT focus’s on wrestling more than anything. They have some good wrestling matches on NXT which is why that brand is getting hotter than the main roster.

Back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s years, WWE was really good back then but now they are complete shit. Even the current superstars are realizing this. Many superstars are quitting WWE nowadays and many are joining the new wrestling company that just got formed called AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Many superstars in WWE have asked for their release and many refused to renew their contracts. Why? Because many feel they aren’t being used right by Vince McMahon. The latest superstar to ask for WWE release was Luke Harper and now it’s looking that Sasha Banks is gonna quit WWE. Sasha hasn’t quit yet but it’s looking like she’s going to.

Superstars don’t like how they are being used and I can’t blame them. Superstars work for the company hoping to become champions and become main event stars but Vince never takes them there. I have nothing against Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey but there are many other great talent in WWE worthy of main event status but Vince keeps holding them down.

WWE is trying all they can to bring the ratings back up but they keep failing. Why? It’s because they never listen to the fans. The fans want to see “good wrestling” but they never give us that. We want to see our favorite superstars get pushed to main event status but they keep getting held down. Gee, no wonder more superstars are leaving.

Ya know, when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) gets a TV deal, the WWE better watch it ’cause I can absolutely see AEW taking over the WWE’s spotlight pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe AEW will be way better than WWE. We’ll have to wait and see. I can see AEW exploding quickly and they already are but wait until they get a TV deal. Could AEW be bigger than WWE? Yes, I can see it. That’s why WWE is scared of them ’cause they know it’s gonna happen.

I love WWE and I love pro wrestling but I want to see WWE get better ’cause what I’m seeing now is very sad. They did do a great job with Wrestlemania 35… I was impressed with that show. A lot of times I take long breaks from WWE ’cause they get so bad. I’m thinking about taking another long break again myself, not sure yet. I keep watching ’cause I love Asuka who is on SD Live and I’m a huge fan of AJ Styles. WWE is cool, I just want to see them get better like everyone else. Seeing all of this is really sad and such a shame.

WWE used to be amazing in the old days.


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