Even though I train like a powerlifter now, I still haven’t given up bodybuilding, don’t worry… I do both!

Since I got into powerlifting, some of you may think that powerlifting will make me fat and lose my bodybuilding physique that I’ve worked so hard for. Not too worry. I haven’t given up bodybuilding training even though I’ve gotten into powerlifting. Both training styles are different and I continue to do both. Some people think it’s impossible to do both but yes, it is possible.

All powerlifting is it’s just strength training. In strength training, you just do heavy sets and few reps. That’s it. When I work on squats, bench and deadlift… I mostly concentrate on strength training on those. When powerlifters do their training splits, they only focus on the big three anyways and pretty much nothing else. They do a few assistance exercises but that’s about it. Powerlifters only work out like two or three days a week. They squat, bench and deadlift a couple of times a week but not me. I like to do the big three once a week to give some space to repair and recover, ya know? That’s how you get more strength in my opinion.

Everything else I do in the gym are all hypertrophy style training. Bodybuilding is hypertrophy style and powerlifting is strength training. Big difference between the two. I’m noticing that the more I squat, bench and deadlift each week, I’m getting stronger on the big three.

I’ve had my bench session earlier this morning and I was able to bench 135 lbs. for around 4 – 6 reps so I know I’m getting stronger on bench pretty quickly. My goal this year for bench is that I’m on the road to a 200 lb. pr. I’m hoping to hit 200 lbs. or over this year and I believe I can get there and I’m halfway there. I’m hoping to get a 200 lb. p.r in time before the push/pull meet at Albany Strength in August. I believe I can get there quickly the more I stay consistent with benching and I will.

In powerlifting, I don’t want to be a fat ass powerlifter at all so I gotta be careful with my nutrition. I don’t want to boost my calories ’cause that’s gonna bring up my bodyfat and I don’t want that so back to eating less it is. As a powerlifter, I still want to be able to have my bodybuilding physique still.

When you’re a powerlifter and bodybuilder at the same time, it’s actually a good thing ’cause hypertrophy training will still give you strength too. Big muscles will give you more strength so you got to continue hypertrophy style training. I want to be muscular and strong at the same time. In powerlifting, you can eat what you want but not me. I’m gonna keep my strict nutrition going. Big muscles is all part of strength training, remember that. That’s why I gotta continue bodybuilding too. I’m gonna try and continue to lose bodyfat even when powerlifting.

No more boosting my calorie intake ’cause I’m noticing it’s bringing my bodyfat up a little bit but not too bad. I’ll get rid of it, this summer. No more eating ice cream and Cliff Bars on the weekends ’cause that’s what I do for cheats. I’m going to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Do a lot of cardio this Spring/Summer.

If I want to pack on more pounds to move up a weight class in powerlifting, you do that with strength training not pigging out on food. I gotta be careful with that.

I’m gonna train hard this Spring/Summer for the upcoming push/pull meet. I’ll want all my powerlifting meets to be better than the last one, that’s how you want to do powerlifting. Doing powerlifting and bodybuilding both at the same time is a lot of work but it’s all worth it. I want to look big and massive and I can get there without getting fat ’cause that’s what I don’t want.



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