At long last, Indiana Jones 5 is finally done filming…

The 5th installment to Indiana Jones has been in development since Indy 4 in 2008 so that is a little over a decade the film’s been in the works. Film had some problems and setbacks, though. George Lucas was in charge of Indy 5 but then he sold Star Wars and Lucasfilm to Disney which means Kathleen Kennedy is now in charge of Indy. Film had some setbacks with some re-writes of the script and all that stuff. Now that they actually went into filming the movie, Harrison Ford suffered a shoulder injury, I bet probably during an action scene. So that suffered some problems as well and of course, Covid pandemic happened so that delayed filming.

Well filming has finally wrapped and it’s all done shooting… but they still have loads more work to do. They have to do editing process, add in special effects, CGI (there probably will be some of that), sound and all that stuff. They also gotta record the soundtrack and musical score for the film which will still be composed by none other than the great John Williams.

Plot and subtitle is being kept under wraps for now but I’m sure we’ll learn more soon. It’s probably gonna be called “Indiana Jones and the…” or something.

Once again just like with Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Indiana Jones 5 looks like it’s gonna be a passing of the torch kind of movie. That’s the idea that Lucas had in the beginning so Disney is going for it.

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, love them all… and yes even “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Indy IV was great. I can’t wait for Indy V, though. While I’m hoping this movie will focus on story, I’m sure this movie will be action packed popcorn flick. I’m sure James Mangold won’t disappoint ’cause he is a great director and made some great movies.

Think about it right? Mangold directed the Wolverine movie “Logan” and that film totally reminded me of Indiana Jones which was probably why he got the job to begin with. Mangold did some pretty huge movies over the years like “Cop Land” w/ Stallone, “Girl Interrupted”, “Walk The Line”, “3:10 To Yuma” and “Knight and Day”.

I think he’ll make a great Indy film, Mangold’s directing style will be way different than Spielberg, I’m sure but I’m sure he tried his best to make it seem like Spielberg did it. I’m kind of glad Spielberg stepped out, actually. Give the film a new vision.

Harrison maybe 79 now but I’m sure he can still play Indy well and knock it out of the park.


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