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Led Zeppelin reunited again but it’s not what you think… it’s for a book!

Led Zeppelin got together again to celebrate a new book that the band has been working on lately. It’s a book to help celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary. The book will feature rare photos of the band on stage and off stage of their career. The book will also feature art work from the band’s archive and contributions by photographers. This book will be kind of similar to the Jimmy Page photo book.

As a huge Led Zeppelin fanatic, I’m probably gonna buy this for sure. Led Zeppelin maybe done touring but I’m sure the guys will put on some event for the book’s release like maybe an autograph signing and meet & greet ’cause that would be pretty cool if they did that.

They’re still looking good together, though. I will always love Led Zeppelin no matter what people says or thinks. They had a great career and a great run. Let them retire. I would like them to go on another tour but if they don’t want to, that’s fine with me. I wish people would leave them alone and let them do what they want to do.

I wish Jimmy Page would go solo again… it would be nice if he put a new project out. I actually want a new Jimmy Page solo album more than another Led Zeppelin tour and I really mean that.


Report: Ronnie Wood says the Rolling Stones could be recording a new album soon…

The Rolling Stones may not be going on tour this year for their 50th Anniversary but instead, Ronnie Wood, says the band could be headed back to the studio soon for new music. The band is going to back into the studio this month just to throw ideas around and to see what happens. He explains that doing this is like training for the Olympics.

If the Stones do release a new album with new original material, this will be their first studio album with new music since 2005’s, “A Bigger Bang”. It’s been a long time since they put out a new album.

I’m no big Stones fan but I do like some of their songs. I just own their Greatest Hits album only. I wouldn’t buy their full albums. I do respect Keith Richards and the Stones legacy. I’m just not that crazy about Jagger’s singing, though. Keith is one of the best rock guitarists and I respect him.

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