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Rolling Stones go through another tragedy… RIP L’ Wren Scott…

In the title of this topic, I said, “another tragedy” ’cause this is another one that the Rolling Stones have went through. The Rolling Stones was forced to postpone their overseas tour due to the sudden suicide of Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend, L’Wren Scott who is also a fashion designer.

Just a friendly reminder to you all that the Rolling Stones went through a similar tragic incident in the past with Brian Jones, their former leader/founder. So is this de ja vu for them?

It’s sad. The Rolling Stones just landed in Perth, Australia earlier this week and the death of L’Wren just happened.

I was never much of a fan of the Rolling Stones but my heart goes out to Mick Jagger and the band. Sad and heartbreaking they have to go through something like this again.

The deaths of Brian Jones and L’Wren are oddly similar… both died mysteriously.


Report: Ronnie Wood says the Rolling Stones could be recording a new album soon…

The Rolling Stones may not be going on tour this year for their 50th Anniversary but instead, Ronnie Wood, says the band could be headed back to the studio soon for new music. The band is going to back into the studio this month just to throw ideas around and to see what happens. He explains that doing this is like training for the Olympics.

If the Stones do release a new album with new original material, this will be their first studio album with new music since 2005’s, “A Bigger Bang”. It’s been a long time since they put out a new album.

I’m no big Stones fan but I do like some of their songs. I just own their Greatest Hits album only. I wouldn’t buy their full albums. I do respect Keith Richards and the Stones legacy. I’m just not that crazy about Jagger’s singing, though. Keith is one of the best rock guitarists and I respect him.

More on the story, here.


Report: Did Mick and Keith finally bury the hatchet???

I did read Keith Richards’s book, “Life”, and yes, Keith did bash the hell out of Mick Jagger quite a lot in the book. Keith said some not very nice things about Mick in it. I believe the feud between Mick and Keith all started, was when Mick left the Rolling Stones to start a solo career, and Keith wasn’t happy about it. It was all ego between the two of those guys.

It looks they are going to bury the hatchet and maybe a Stones reunion would finally happen?

More on the story, here.

It’s great to see Keith wanting to patch things up in time for the 50th Anniversary. There can’t be a Rolling Stones without him, that’s for sure!


Report: Mick Jagger making a return to acting???

There is a screenplay being written for Mick Jagger to star in, and the script is being written by “A History Of Violence”, screenwriter, Josh Olson. While Mick focuses on music most of his life, he is an occasional actor. The last film he starred in was “The Man From Elysian Fields” in 2001.

Is Mick about to retire from music and focus on acting instead?

Deadline, reports.


Report: Mick Jagger working on new material for new solo record with Eurythmics guitarist, Dave Stewart…

Ever since Mick Jagger’s surprising Grammy appearance, it made you wonder if he’ll ever return to music. It turns out that he is. It is reported he is working on a new solo record with Eurythmics guitarist, Dave Stewart. The Rolling Stones aren’t coming back sadly. So I’m sure this will shoot down speculation of a Stones comeback completely.

Read more on the story, here.

I’m pretty sure Mick will go on tour and of course, he probably will perform a bunch of Stones covers on tour. Hopefully Keith Richards will play guitar for one song on Mick’s new album? That might happen too, never know.


Thought: After Jagger’s performance at the Grammy’s, will there finally be a Stones reunion???

I know what everyone is thinking. After Jagger’s surprising appearance at the Grammy’s, it was also his very first Grammy appearance ever, believe it or not, I’m sure people wonder if there is an upcoming Rolling Stones reunion in the works. The Stones haven’t done anything in music since 2007’s “A Bigger Bang” tour.

Over the years during their hiatus, they’ve been releasing re-issues like “Exile On Main St.” and other projects.

Let the Stones reunion speculation begin. I’m sure it’s already begun.

After all these years, Jagger and the Stones been gone, Jagger still has it. He can still get the audience going wild.