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Report: Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge denies reuniting Creed if Myles Kennedy gets recruited for Led Zep…

Mark Tremonti who is the guitarist for Alter Bridge and former guitarist for Creed finally speaks out about the rumours of a possible Creed reunion if Myles Kennedy is the lead singer for Led Zep. He says he and the rest of the guys in Alter Bridge don’t even know if Myles will get recruited as the singer for Led Zep. Tremonti says if that happens, Alter Bridge will continue to go on. Tremonti also explains that he has never spoken to Scott Stapp about a possible Creed reunion, it’s just not in the band’s cards right now. Alter Bridge plans to go back into the studio to record a new album, if Myles is out, Alter Bridge will probably start looking for a replacement singer as well.

Blabbermouth reports:


Well, there you have it, no future Creed reunion. I don’t think Stapp would be interested in rejoining Creed anyways.