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Judge rejects Amber Heard’s motion to dismiss trial… interesting how she tries to stop trial just before it’s her turn to show her side of the case isn’t it???

I haven’t been listening to the Johnny Depp trial but I do try to watch some clips of it here and there and this one is interesting.

Earlier today, Amber’s lawyers tries to stop the trial just before it was Amber’s turn to show her side of the case but the Judge says, “Nope, the trial is going forward”. Why? Simply because the judge rejected 2 lawyer statements and kept 1 for later… also, there’s plenty of evidence showing that the trial can go forward.

So really that’s a big win for Depp. It isn’t over yet but it’s the right step in the right direction.

Now Amber’s side have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of that Wash Post op-ed… ’cause Rottenborn claims she didn’t write the headline and he claims Amber didn’t write the article to defame Depp. Not only that she have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of her article, she also have to prove how she didn’t defame him.

Yeah, Depp’s side accuses her of being the abuser and Amber’s side accuses him of being the abuser. Which side do you believe more? If you believe Amber more than you are dumb. Johnny is good at defending himself and he actually shows evidence backing things up and so far, Amber has nothing. Johnny is more believable.

So the trial continued earlier today with a few more witnesses, I think.

Then tomorrow it’s looking like Amber herself will testify. Ya know, it is interesting that Heard’s team tried to stop the trial just before it’s their turn to show their side of things especially when Amber is set to testify tomorrow. What are they afraid of? They know they are losing that’s why. They are afraid that they will show that they have no evidence of Johnny being a violent monster and all. Johnny is winning and they know it. More and more, it’s looking like that Johnny is gonna win the trial and today showed that.

I’m gonna try to listen to some of Amber testimony tomorrow. No doubt, she’ll lie her head off non stop and say a lot of things that piss you off. It’ll be interesting to hear her side of things.

Johnny is winning my respect more and more especially today.


The Johnny Depp defamation trial just proves that women can have toxic behaviors and can be physically & verbally abusive toward men too…

So this week, I’ve started watching some of the Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit trial against Amber Heard. I watched the first three videos of Depp’s testimony on Day 2 and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

I usually don’t care about celebrity power couples and don’t care about their personal problems but this one, however, is definitely worth following, in my opinion. I’m totally siding with Johnny and after listening to him speak, I’m siding with him even more.

I’m impressed and blown away by him. If you think Johnny Depp enjoys all this “fame”, think again. He hates the paparazzi and he doesn’t like getting mobbed by fans that much either. Depp maybe one of the biggest names in Hollywood but he never saw himself that way. He never cared about being a “big” name. He just wants to live a normal life just like you and me, ya know? He’s just a very humble guy who is never full of himself and after listening to some of his testimony, there’s no ego in that guy at all. He got into Hollywood ’cause it was the only way for him to make a living and stuff since he was struggling to get work when he was young, ya know? He never wanted to be an actor, anyway… he wanted to be a rock musician originally.

I love how honest and real Depp is. It seems he is willing to tell the truth no matter how brutal it is and I like people like that! Listening to Depp and tell his truth and side of things, I love watching Amber, though. Her blank stares and you can tell she’s pissed when she’s listening to him. She’s not allowed to speak when he’s speaking so when Depp says things she doesn’t like or disagree with, she’s sitting there writing on her notepad. Sometimes she makes these facial expressions like she’s uncomfortable or pissed. When she gets pissed, she’ll start talking to her lawyer sitting next to her. It’s funny stuff.

I’d like to say though that toxic women like Amber exists and they are real. When will that be publicly known? There are plenty of toxic women out there that can’t be trusted and lots of women with the worst tempers. Some of them can be violent and physically abusive to men too… so yeah, absolutely men can be victims of domestic violence for sure.

I’m not defending men beating up women ’cause that’s definitely wrong too… it’s just uncool either way, ya know? I’m tired of women getting away with their shit toward men just because they are a “woman”, ya know? Women can also be verbally abusive toward men… yelling and screaming, calling men names and swearing their heads off… start all kinds of drama. ugggghhhhhhhhh… instead of women being hold to account for their toxic behaviors, instead they are championed like heroes.

This is why marriage isn’t for me. You wanna know why I’m a 45 year old guy still unmarried? It’s because I want to be that way honestly. Maybe I’d like to get a girlfriend yes but “marriage”? Probably not. Marriage isn’t real anyway… it’s just a paper… get married and you belong to the government. You get a divorce, you’ll go through all kinds of bullshit and I don’t want to go through all that myself. Dealing with alimony and all that crap, ya know? I’m kind of happy being an unmarried guy.

Anyway, back to Johnny Depp as he is explaining his story, you immediately want to believe him right away ’cause he looks and sounds believable. Amber Heard just pisses you off just watching her listening. The blank stares, writing on her notepad constantly and talking with her lawyers. Crazy.

I’ll be following this trial and it’s pretty likely Depp is gonna win.


“The Playboy Club” premiere…brief review…

I just watched the DVR’ed episode of “The Playboy Club” premiere, here is my brief review.

Here’s the synopsis from episode 1:

“In Chicago, 1963, Maureen, a worker at a bar called “The Playboy Club”, is almost raped by mob boss Bruno Bianchi when she, along with a lawyer named Nick Dalton, accidentally kill him. They cover up the murder and hide the body in the river. While Bianchi’s son John and the rest of the mob start to uncover what happened, subplots include a worker named Brenda, who is seeking to be the first African-American Playboy playmate, Alice, who is secretly lesbian in a sham marriage with a gay man named Sean, and Carol-Lynne, who recently becomes the “Bunny Mother” of the club.”

As some of you know, this show created a lot of controversy over the past couple of weeks. Just out of curiosity, I just had to watch the first episode to see what this show is like. Did I like it? Yeah, it was actually pretty good. Back in those days, was the beginning of Playboy and this show want to show you how it all started.

While this show is mostly fiction there is a lot of real history in it. The PTC called the show, “pornographic material”. It is not, “pornographic material” if it doesn’t have naked women showing off their privates. This show doesn’t show any of that stuff. Yes, the women do show a lot of skin and cleavage, but that’s about it. I don’t see how that’s considered, “porn”.

Amber Heard, did a good job in this show. I enjoyed her performance. I remembered her from, “Zombieland”, and the “Friday Night Lights” movie. “The Playboy Club” is a soap opera and mob story. It is a show aimed for both men and women.

A lot of people accused this show of exploiting women. Well yeah. Women go on Playboy and other adult magazines, because it’s a free country. That’s the beauty of America folks. People make their own decisions and do what they want to do. If women wants to take their clothes off in front of a camera, so they can publish them for the world to see, that’s their choice. It bothers me that other people attack women for wanting to pose nude. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as it’s legal, they have that choice to do it if they want to.

I’ll admit it, I do have an interest in, ‘porn”. I’m not addicted to porn, I don’t collect it, but I need my eye candy too, right? Hey, I’m a guy, that’s what they do, look at porn. If you say you’re not into porn and offended by it, you’re lying. Everyone is into it.

I like Playboy. I respect the legacy they created with the magazine and the Playboy empire, and all that. I don’t like how the magazine is today, but the earlier history of the magazine is really incredible stuff, and “The Playboy Club” TV show wants to school you in on their past.

I read that the ratings for this show was pretty low, and I think the reason was, that people didn’t like Playboy on an NBC family friendly station. “The Playboy Club”, should be on an adult friendly station like HBO or Showtime if they want to get more viewers. Other than that, it’s a good show. I kept thinking it was going to suck, but I actually watched through the whole hour. Thumbs up.