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Cool pic of Sly Stallone and Arnold having dinner together in Vegas… why have they been hanging out lately? Planning a movie or something?

Sly’s official clothing line on instagram posted a cool pic of Sly Stallone himself and Arnold having a Sushi dinner together at some restaurant in Las Vegas. Sly is just getting done filming Rambo and now he has some free time to do whatever he wants for himself so it looks like him and Arnold took a trip to Vegas this week. I notice Sly and Arnold has been hanging out again. Why? Are they planning a movie together or they just plain hanging out as buddies and that’s it?

Well Sly still has “Expendables 4” in development and maybe Sly’s been talking with Arnold in starring in the next Expendables movie. That could be what’s going on.

You see, Sly and Arnold may not have starred in many movies over the years together but they have been great friends for many years even though both of them are action movie icons. For many years they’ve avoided starring in films together until now. Now the two of them have starred in 4 films together: the first three Expendables and the first “Escape Plan” movie. Will they star in more movies together? “Expendables 4” yes, absolutely but as for other films, I don’t know.

I’m not a big fan of Arnold’s politics but I still respect him the Hollywood icon that he is, you can’t deny that. I love Arnold in the movies. Always had for a pretty long time. I grew up watching Arnold in the movies and I grew up watching Sly’s movies too. I grew up watching both of them.

I’m glad to see Sly and Arnold have become best friends. Maybe one day Sly will direct a movie with Arnold in the leading role and Sly won’t be in it. That’ll be cool too and I can see that happening one day. I hope they will do “Expendables 4” and they probably will.


BREAKING NEWS: Pacificor sends “cease and desist” letter to try and stop Terminator animated movie being made…

Earlier today, it was announced that Hannover House had plans to make a Terminator 3D animated movie based on the Arnold Terminator. They were going to make it PG-13 and tone down the violence. Well, look like this is not going to be pretty, ’cause the company that owns the rights for the Terminator series, Pacificor, sent a cease and desist letter to Hannover House, ordering them to stop making the film since they don’t have the permission to.

Hannover isn’t backing down as they plan to make a big pay to Pacificor to score the rights to get the movie made.

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Oh my, here comes another huge war that will escalate quickly! I don’t think Pacificor will let them make this movie no matter how much money Hannover offers them for the rights. This will be similar to “Warner Bros. vs. 20th Century Fox” with that “Watchmen” movie, but this Terminator legal war will be much worse.

Whose side am I on? Pacificor of course. I don’t want Terminator going animated. If you’re going to do an animated movie based on Arnold’s Terminator, they would have to get Arnold to do voice overs for the character.

I know the Terminator came in different forms of Entertainment. Terminator came in comic books, video games, TV shows (The Sarah Connor Chronicles), etc. You can do anything with the franchise. Hannover should have known better. They should have asked permission first. That’s the thing with Hollywood, egos and money. Nothing more.