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Report: Jimmy Chamberlin writes blog on why he left the Smashing Pumpkins…

Jimmy Chamberlin wrote an honest blog on his own website, explaining why he quit the Smashing Pumpkins, after the news hit the web. He admits that he can’t put all of his energy into the music of the Smashing Pumpkins anymore. Sounds like he doesn’t have appreciation and lost interest with the music of the Pumpkins. He has no negative grudge with Billy Corgan, he says he gets along with him fine.

Jimmy says, he will continue to make music with his own band, the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex and he will pursue other musical projects as well. Sounds like he was getting bored in the Pumpkins and wanted to pursue other musical adventures.

Jimmy is right, that it’s Billy Corgan’s right to continue on with the Smashing Pumpkins name without Jimmy. It’s Billy’s band, Billy owns the copyright name to the Smashing Pumpkins, so he does what he pleases with it. The Pumpkins had different band members over the years, happens all the time with all bands.

See Jimmy’s blog here:



Report: Jimmy Chamberlin leaves the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan records new album by himself…

The longtime Smashing Pumpkins drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, has left the band…again. Billy Corgan will continue to write music under the Smashing Pumpkins name, but he will record the new album by himself with no other musicians involved.

Billboard reports:


To those who aren’t musicians and don’t know much about music, you ask, “How does a musician record a whole album by himself?” Well it’s easy. Billy plays all instruments, not just guitar, you gotta love the magic of studio. You can record as many tracks as you want and mix ’em together to make ’em sound like a full band. He’s recording the next Smashing Pumpkins album as a one man band kind of thing. Using MIDI instruments and ProTools is also a good tool for doing music by yourself.

When recording in the studio, songwriters don’t really need a live band, they have a choice to be a one man band or play with other musicians to make it sound live.


Report: Billy Corgan fighting to get paid by radiostations that play Smashing Pumpkins music…

Smashing Pumpkins, frontman, Billy Corgan is in court, testifying on Capitol Hill on the House Judiciary Committee. Lobbying for rights that artists should get paid when their songs are being played on the radio. You can see a picture of Billy in court in this article, he doesn’t look too happy either.

Variety Reports:


I agree that music artists should get paid when their stuff is being used whether it be for TV or radio, whatever. It’s their work. They work hard for it. They deserve to be respected back.

It’s not about being obsessed with money, it’s about respecting the hard work they do in their music.

I hope the musicians win this battle. They deserve to get paid when their music is played on radio.