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Video: Billy Corgan speaks on getting the job for Impact Wrestling and what’s going on with the Smashing Pumpkins?

Billy Corgan the man himself speaks on getting the job as president of Impact Wrestling and speaks on what’s going on with the Smashing Pumpkins.

He says he’s speaking to D’arcy Wretzky again so does that mean there will be an original Pumpkins reunion someday? He says that isn’t happening right now but if it did, it would be about the music and for the fans.

As for his new job for Impact Wrestling, his fans are shitting on him for it but he makes it clear here that he doesn’t care what people think. Billy is getting into Impact Wrestling ’cause he has a passion for the wrestling business and going after his dream. There’s nothing wrong with that. Billy is going after his dreams and achieving them. What are you doing? I admire Billy for that.

This is a pretty cool video that he did. I’m a big Smashing Pumpkins fan myself. I think the reason he wants to work with wrestling ’cause maybe he’s getting burnt out with the music and wants to do something different for a change? A lot of Pumpkins fans are upset at Billy for getting into wrestling but hey, the man wants to do what he wants to do which is great. I respect people for doing what they want in life and not giving a shit and you should too.

Since Billy Corgan has now been signed as the president of Impact Wrestling (formerly known as TNA), that means Billy is the official boss of the company. He’ll be running everything which is a big responsibility. Billy’s love for wrestling is nothing new. He’s been talking about his love for wrestling in interviews for many years.


Billy Corgan joins “Impact Wrestling” but not as wrestler…

The frontman and founder of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, has taken his wrestling dreams to another level. He has officially joined Impact Wrestling (formerly known as “TNA”). Billy didn’t join as a wrestler though, he’s just gonna serve as a senior producer of creative and talent development. Meaning that he is probably gonna be in charge of the creative writing and be a mentor to some wrestlers of it’s roster.

It’s no secret that Billy Corgan is a professional wrestling fanatic like myself.


I don’t think Corgan is gonna compete in an actual wrestling match ’cause I would think he doesn’t have any wrestling skills. He just gets himself involved in professional wrestling ’cause he’s simply a huge fan and he just wants to be a part of it somehow.

I’m sure Corgan will be involved in storylines and feuds with wrestlers… I’m sure he’s gonna make some TV appearances on “Impact Wrestling”.

I haven’t watched “Impact Wrestling” in a long time. I used to watch TNA a lot in the past, though. Stopped for a while. I’ll have to get back into it again.

Wonder what this means for the Smashing Pumpkins? There was some talks that Billy was thinking about hanging up the band for good ’cause he wants to be done and move on. Why do you think he wants to be called, William Patrick Corgan instead of “Billy”? I love the Smashing Pumpkins though, always did.


Billy Corgan’s “Black Friday” wrestling event in Chicago, a major success…

So Billy Corgan, the leading frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, started up his own wrestling company, called Resistance Pro. It’s where they would have wrestling events in Billy’s hometown of Chicago. Well, last Friday’s event at the Excalibur nightclub was a huge success.

Billy couldn’t be there ’cause he’s stuck in a European tour overseas, but he was able to watch the event via, Skype.

Read the full story here of what went on.

Here’s a couple of videos from that night. Looks a lot of fun, wish I was there.



Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins starts his own wrestling fed. called, Resistance Pro…

A lot of people know that Billy Corgan, is a huge wrestling fanatic much like myself. Well Billy is finally doing something in the wrestling business. He just started his own wrestling fed. called, Resistance Pro. His company will have their first live wrestling event at the Excalibur on Nov. 25th in Chicago.

Billy said in those video interviews that he doesn’t plan to wrestle in an actual match, but he said he’ll work behind the scenes of that event. He’ll be in charge of writing the storylines for the show. He said his goal with the company is to keep the wrestling old school.

Congrats to Billy and I wish him luck with the show. I’m sure fans will be videotaping the show with cell phone cameras and stuff, when they do, I’m sure videos of this show will land on youtube. You’ll be able to see what this show is like then.

Even though Billy won’t wrestle in a match, will he get himself involved in a storyline somehow? I’m sure he would write himself into a storyline. I’m sure fans who bought tickets for that show are expecting Billy to perform something that night, so I’m sure he’ll be out there.

This is a cool thing he’s doing.


Edit to add: I also wanted to say that I would think Billy is doing this wrestling thing for fun. I don’t think he’s looking to make big money off of this ’cause he’s already loaded from his music career anyway. He just loves wrestling and this is his way of being a part of it. I don’t think this wrestling company will ever be as big as WWE/TNA. Billy just wants to do something fun outside of music. If I lived in Chicago, I would certainly go to this for sure.

Report: Billy Corgan writing autobiography…

There have been quite a lot of rock musicians writing their own autobiography books these days. Billy Corgan is about to join that bandwagon. Billy is writing a book titled, “Spiritual” which will focus on the history of the Smashing Pumpkins and his personal life.

Read more on it, here.

As a Smashing Pumpkins fan, I’ll be sure to read this one. I’m interested in learning about the Smashing Pumpkins history more than his personal life. Did Billy actually have a personal life? You always wondered that because he never had much women in his life from what I remember. He dated Courtney Love briefly but that was about it. There were rumors of him dating Jessica Simpson but both of them shot the rumors down last year. I’m sure he’ll be open about the Jessica Simpson friendship in the book too.

This book is going to be an interesting read for sure.


Report: If Billy Corgan knows Courtney can’t write her own songs, it must be true…

Billy Corgan is on a war with Courtney Love. Billy attacks Courtney Love in Twitter, using short sentences flaming her without using her name but you know his posts are aiming at her.

His attacks against Courtney are numbered by “Thoughts”…

Read ’em here:


I will not be buying Courtney’s new album. Why buy if she doesn’t write her own music? If Billy didn’t want Courtney using his songs he wrote for her album, then he shouldn’t have done it in the first place.


Report: Billy Corgan thinks John Mayer is destroying his career…

Billy Corgan speaks out saying that he thinks, “John Mayer is destroying his own career”. Just by saying a bunch of stupid shit in Playboy, creating a public backlash and being a “celebrity” isntead of an actual “musician”, is what’s killing his career. Billy has nothing negative against John Mayer ’cause Billy says John is very talented musically, he says it’s hard to watch a talented musician burn their career to the ground. Billy says he knows from his own experience as he almost came close to burning the Smashing Pumpkins to the ground at one point.

More on it here:


I’m siding with Billy as always. He brings up a valid point. Honestly though, I think Billy is just trying to defend his friend, Jessica Simpson. Be honest, Billy, you’re totally in love with that woman. He just haven’t admitted to it in public yet.


Report: Billy Corgan finally squashes rumours of him dating Jessica Simpson, also talks wrestling, music and writing a book…

Billy Corgan, has been pretty quiet about the rumours of him dating pop star Jessica Simpson all over the web for a long while. Billy finally decides to speak out about it, squashing the dating rumours, saying they are just good friends, and that’s it. Jessica went to Billy for help on recording guitar parts for a TV show that Jessica is going to star in. Since then, Billy and Jessica developed a friendship.

Billy also talks about being a massive wrestling fan like myself, also talks music and writing a new book.

The question you have to ask is, when will Billy ever get himself a girlfriend and get himself married?

My answer is, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. In my eyes, you don’t really need a lover in your life to make your life a good one. You can be single for most of your life and still be a happy person. As long as you have music and other interests you like to do for a passion, that’s all that should matter to you. A lover will happen to you when the time comes. Whenever you think you’re ready to settle down. If music is all you want to do, that’s great.

Being with a lover will take your time away from the things you love to do as you have to rely on your partner all the time and Billy doesn’t want that. It’s seems that he wants his life to be as musical as possible. You don’t need to rush to get yourself a lover, and I am in the same boat as Billy. I’m not rushing for things as I’m happy being single currently. Stay single for as long as you want. Those that are desperate to get a lover and get married “early” are rushing things, in my opinion. You don’t need a lover by your side all the time to make yourself a happy person. I’m not that desperate about “love” and “relationships” as I’m just happy playing my guitar, working out, playing video games and watching movies or things like that.

Billy is the man, kudos!



Report: Smashing Pumpkins to release new album with 44 songs for free online…

Billy Corgan announced that tonight at midnight, The Smashing Pumpkins will release 44 brand new songs for free on the band’s official website.

Billy lets you hear one song for now as a preview. The song is titled, “A Song for A Son”, listen to it here:


Billy Corgan appeared on Chris Isaak’s show to talk about the new free internet album.


I think, “A Song for a Son” is a beautiful song, great stuff Billy and looking forward to hearing the rest of the new stuff tonight!


Report: Billy Corgan looking for new drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins, this is for all drummers, not just famous ones…

Are you a drummer who is not famous playing in a unsigned band in your local area, and you’re sick to death of playing shitty bars and clubs? Well, here’s your chance to get the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. Becoming a member of the Smashing Pumpkins. After Jimmy Chamberlin left the band, Billy Corgan is looking for drummers, any drummer. He’s not looking for just famous ones, he’s also looking for any drummer that has talent and skill. Doesn’t matter if the drummer is famous or signed or not.

If you’re a drummer and think you have what it takes to join the Smashing Pumpkins as their full time drummer, Billy is holding an audition for drummers on April 10th in Los Angeles…click here for more information:


I doubt it will happen, but it be kind of sweet if an Albany drummer got accepted to join the Pumpkins.