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Alex Jones responds to Bob McDonnell and Dinesh D’Souza arrests…

After the recent controversies of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife both have been arrested for corruption charges and film maker Dinesh D’Souza has been arrested for selling an illegal donation to the Senate, InfoWars host Alex Jones responds his thoughts. Alex says that America is headed to a purge and says that the Obama administration is getting really scary that they are going after everybody who calls them out.

I’m not sure if Dinesh selling donations to the Senate is illegal or not but it probably isn’t I would assume… I am sure he is innocent though. I think this was the Obama administration’s opportunity to arrest the guy since he made that movie, “Obama’s America 2016”.

The Obama administration have been going after EVERYBODY who calls them out.

Come on, Barack, what are you afraid of, you coward?

Anybody in the media who calls out Barack will probably get arrested or even murdered?

Barack can’t get the hint that everybody hates him and he runs away when he’s called out. Man up, Barack, and get over yourself, asshole!