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What took wrestling fans this long to find out that WWE is nothing but garbage???

Right now WWE is in a huge backlash of wrestling fans in America ’cause as you can see they have started a #CancelWWENetwork campaign. They are angry at last night’s Royal Rumble ppv which I didn’t watch thankfully. I knew the ppv was gonna turn out garbage like the rest of ’em. Predictable and boring.

I do hear the fans though that Vince McMahon doesn’t know what the fans want. He only does what he wants. Chris Jericho said so himself on his podcast show and through his three books. Chris revealed some pretty big WWE behind the scenes secrets that everything you see on TV, Vince has the final say. If he likes it, the ideas go on TV and if he doesn’t like any storylines and matches, he won’t use ’em. Vince only does what makes him happy in WWE and not the fans.

I mean… Vince got rid of the TV-14 “Attitude Era” which is what the fans liked to see the most and then they went PG. Vince got rid of the words “Wrestling” and “fans”. Instead of the word, “wrestling” Vince calls WWE “entertainment”. Instead of calling people who enjoy watching WWE “fans”, he refers to them as the “WWE Universe”. He tries his best to keep “wrestling” out of things and sees it as an “entertainment” show.

Vince no longer wants blood in wrestling which is what fans also wanna see. He also got rid of all the sex in the WWE Divas and they are not even allowed to show off their cleavages anymore. It’s not “wrestling” when the women are not allowed to off some skin.

I haven’t been watching WWE for way over a year now. Sometimes I’ll tune in to see what’s going on as I did watch RAW the last two weeks, though. I’ll probably go back to not watching.

Glad I didn’t watch the Royal Rumble last night and didn’t waste money on it. I never subscribed to “WWE Network” and don’t think I will. I’m probably gonna skip Wrestlemania this year as well.

I always knew that WWE is garbage. It hasn’t been good for over a decade. Even though the product needs a lot of improvement and a lot of work, I still respect their performers and wrestlers, though. I just want WWE to bring back “wrestling” and want them to stop shoving John Cena in our faces all the time.

It’s nice to see that fans have finally woken up. Check out this hilarious video below. I’m sure Chris Jericho will have a say in all of this on his next podcast show.