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Thought: Come on, Clint Black, concentrate on your music, don’t worry about becoming a TV star…

As a huge fan of Clint Black’s music in the country genre, I just don’t understand why Clint is trying to turn himself into a TV star. I’ve been watching Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” every Sunday night just for laughs, it’s actually pretty entertaining, seeing Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, Andrew Dice Clay, and Clint Black teaming up together.

Clint Black appeared on “Secret Talents of the Stars” as a stand up comedian, which that show only lasted one episode and it got cancelled pretty quickly. Now Clint is a contestant on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” this year.

Clint Black is a talented singer/songwriter that I admire, that I don’t think he needs the mainstream fame that he’s going after. Yeah, I know, Clint Black is not that well known of a country music artist, maybe that’s why he’s using TV as a ploy to promote his music.

He’s doing fine as a music artist. He doesn’t really need the TV fame. The dude is stepping in Ozzy Osbournes shoes, first as a music artist, then turning himself into a TV star.

Next week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” will feature a very heated Dennis Rodman vs. Clint Black feud. Videos of the segment has already leaked youtube.


Cool Video: Clint Black was hilarious LOL!, Captain Sulu sucked at singing…

So I watched the premiere of “Secret Talents of the Stars” last night. I was impressed with Clint Black’s stand up comedy, he was hilarious and he did a great job. Clint got a great response from the judges too and even said Clint will have a huge future in stand up comedy. Clint said he was a humorous guy and always about making people laugh, as I’m sure Clint Black does tell jokes at his country concerts in between songs.

Star Trek’s George Takei who played Captain Sulu had a talent in singing country songs that people were hyping up about, but I tell you, George was horrible. He sang like shit and he looked laughable on stage.

Enjoy these videos from last night’s show on “Secret Talents of the Stars”.


Clint Black’s hilarious stand up performance, seriously, he did great and he did get me laughing!

George Takei

Report: Clint Black eyeing to become a comedian…

Country music star and icon, Clint Black is getting more interested in comedy and is very interested in becoming a stand up comedian. Clint Black is set to perform stand up comedy for the CBS TV series, “Secret Talents of the Stars” tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Clint has already been practising stand up comedy at small comedy clubs in Los Angeles and Nashville. The TV show “Secret Talents of the Stars” is a show where celebrities can perform talents that people don’t know about.

From Country Weekly:


In other Clint Black news, he just released a new internet album available for via-internet only titled “The Long Cool EP”… check http://www.clintblack.com/ for more info.

I’m a big Clint Black fan, I have several of his albums in my CD collection and I’m curious on how he’s going to do standup comedy so I will definitely watch this tomorrow night. Clint is the man. Talented musician and talented songwriter.

I’m not into country music much, but I do enjoy some of it. I listen to the genre because I grew up in a small town of Greenwich where the town is obsessed with country music. I don’t like every country artist I listen to only certain ones that impact me. Clint writes amazing songs.