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Report: Robert Downey Jr’s next role after “Iron Man”…in talks to star in “Cowboys and Aliens”…

Robert Downey Jr is in negotiations with Dreamworks/Universal to star the lead in “Cowboys and Aliens”, a mix of sci fi and western. The film aims to get a release date in 2010. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are producing. “Cowboys and Aliens” will be adapted from the popular graphic novel by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley.

Robert Downey Jr. will play a gunglinger named Zeke Jackson, who is set in a battle between the Apache and the Western settlers, suddenly a spaceship crashes into the prairie near Silver City, Arizona. The aliens has invaded the town, and the cowboys and Indians must join forces to battle against the aliens.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Hmmmm…it sounds like Robert is going for another huge blockbuster hit, and this sounds like a family popcorn action flick as well. I can’t blame him since after the huge success of “Iron Man”.

Have I got the feeling that Ron Howard will direct this flick too?