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Looks like Dolph Lundgren’s career has taken off again, I’m real proud of the man!

When Dolph Lundgren was young, he was one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He made his film debut in the James Bond film, “A View To A Kill” which was only a small role. That movie helped earned him a shot at “Rocky IV” in which he played one of the most iconic characters of all time: Ivan Drago. The man became a huge star after “Rocky IV”, he kept starring in bigger and bigger roles. After Rocky, Dolph earned his first leading role in a major film which was “Masters of the Universe” in which he played He-Man based on the famous cartoon series. Sadly, “Masters of the Universe” was a box-office failure but he will forever be known as He-Man. After that film, he did some pretty big action movies like “The Punisher” (based on the Marvel comic), “I Come In Peace”, “Universal Soldier” (a sci-fi action flick in which he starred with Jean Claude Van Damme, the movie was a box office smash), “Red Scorpion”, “Johnny Mnemonic” and other films. After all these movies, Dolph Lundgren suddenly disappeared from Hollywood.

Well, to be honest with you, Dolph never really has gone away. He kept making movies over the years but most of his movies were direct to Video/DVD films. He hasn’t starred in a big screen role again until Sylvester Stallone wanted him for the first “Expendables” movie. Ever since the first Expendables, it really does seem like Dolph’s film career has taken off and he’s a successful actor again after all these years.

After the first Expendables, Dolph starred in Expendables 2 & 3. After those movies, he continued to make Direct to DVD movies but in the year 2018, it seems that was a big year for Dolph in the movies. He starred in two HUGE roles in 2018: “Creed II” (in which he reprises his role as Ivan Drago) and now he’s the main villain in “Aquaman”. Two big movies in one year. Wow, incredible. Congrats Dolph!

I hope he gets more big roles in 2019 and he probably will. I think Dolph is an incredibly underrated actor and he totally deserves more recognition. Dolph is an actor who can play both the good guy and the bad guy very well! It seems that people has stopped caring about Dolph Lundgren over the years but I think he will win respect back after “Creed II” and “Aquaman” ’cause he did real good in those movies.

Some of you may ask, why does Dolph continue to act in straight-to-DVD movies more than big screen movies? Well, he tries to get big screen movies but for him, they’re hard to get. Dolph continues to make straight-to-DVD stuff ’cause he just wants to continue working, ya know? He just loves acting and loves making movies and he wants to keep at it. To me,  it seems like he doesn’t care whether or not a movie is big, he just wants to work. I think he’s a talented man and always liked watching his movies. I’ve watched a lot of his straight-to-DVD work and even some of those movies are good too.

It’s nice to see Dolph get recognized in Hollywood again. Will he get another big screen role in 2019? He probably will so we’ll have to wait and see. When “Expendables 4” happens, he’ll probably star in that one but I hope he stars in other big movies too. Dolph has always been one of my favorite actors.  Admired him for a pretty long time.



Sylvester Stallone announces that he’s done playing the Rocky Balboa character for good. “Creed II” will be the last time he’ll be playing him…

Sly Stallone, the man himself exclusively revealed the news on his instagram page that he’s done playing Rocky for good. He came close to retiring the character in 2006 with the film, “Rocky Balboa” (or Rocky 6) but then the Creed spin-offs happened and things changed. Sly decided to play the Rocky character again for two more films. Why did Sly continue to play Rocky after Rocky 6? Well Sly probably figured that the Creed spinoff films can’t be done without the Rocky character. It made total sense to bring him back. The films are about celebrating the history of Apollo Creed and that can’t be done without Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky. Easy to understand isn’t it?

Now that Sly announced he’s done with Rocky, I get this feeling what’s going to happen to Rocky in “Creed II”. I still haven’t seen “Creed II” yet but hoping to see it next week and I will.

Thank you, Sly. Rocky Balboa has been an inspiration in my life over the years. These movies aren’t just boxing movies, these are films about “life” really. I’ve been a huge fan of the Rocky character ever since I was a child. I remember being a young child watching the first Rocky film and I’ve been hooked to Rocky films ever since. I grew up watching all the films and seen all 5 Rocky movies so many times. Actually, I just re-watched the first 6 Rocky films last week and I’m about to watch the first “Creed” movie sometime this week.

It’s interesting that Sly wants to retire both Rocky and Rambo. There’s one more Rambo film coming and that’s probably gonna be the last one. Might as well get those films out of the way before Sly gets too old

Rocky has been a huge part of all of our lives whether you want to admit it or not. Sly’s acting skills has always gotten mixed reviews but I always thought he was a phenomenal actor. I always saw that the man’s got acting talent. People finally saw that he’s got talent when the first “Creed” movie came out which he got Oscar nominated for. While the first “Creed” movie was his best performance in his career, I’m sure his performance in “Creed II” will be even better. Can’t wait to see the new film! I’m definitely gonna try to see it before it stops playing.


“Creed II” trailer is finally here and looks freakin’ awesome!

Well the “Creed II” trailer is finally here and I’m already impressed with it. Looks freakin’ awesome.

A lot of you know I’m a huge Rocky fan. Love the Rocky series and I’m loving the Creed spin-offs too. Can’t wait for this one.

I had to watch this trailer a couple of times and some of you may ask, where’s Dolph? When I first watched it, I asked myself that same question. “Why didn’t Dolph get put in the trailer when he’s in the movie?” Well, after watching the trailer a couple of times, Dolph is actually in it if you look closely. Dolph is in the trailer but very briefly.

In the trailer, there’s a short clip of Ivan’s son pushing Adonis on stage during weigh-ins and you can see Dolph on stage. That was the only time Dolph as Ivan Drago was seen in the trailer but I’m sure we’ll see more of Dolph as Ivan Drago in trailer no. 2. This is just a teaser.

It is a great trailer, though and it gave me goosebumps watching it. This is looking like to be the most realistic boxing movie ever. Can’t wait.

Some of you may say it’s kind of silly to bring Ivan Drago back but I don’t think so. I actually think it’s a great idea and makes sense for Ivan to come back. The whole point of the Creed spin-off is that Adonis wants to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father in Rocky IV. Ivan is too old to fight in the ring so he has his son fight Adonis instead. Rocky’s son vs. Ivan’s son is a great idea. That’s something that Apollo and Mickey would have wanted to happen.

Can’t wait for this movie and looking forward to seeing more trailers. Technically this is gonna be the 8th Rocky film.