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Report: Harrison Ford’s character revealed for “Cowboys & Aliens”…

Look like Harrison Ford will be playing quite a lengthy role for “Cowboys & Aliens” after all, not cameo or a small role. Ford will be playing Colonel Dolarhyde, which is one of the main charcters of the comic. If you knew the comics for “Cowboys & Aliens”, Colonel Dolarhyde is an aging guy. I looked up the comics. In the comics, the Colonel Dolarhyde character looks exactly like Harrison Ford. Yes, the character is almost Indiana Jones like. No wonder a lot of people wanted Ford for the movie. Ask, and you shall receive.



Film Review: Quantum of Solace

Starring: Daniel Craig, Gemma Arterton, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench

Directed by: Marc Forster:

So on a day of Christmas shopping at the mall today, I did end up seeing a movie so I decided to see the new 007 flick “Quantum of Solace”.

Plot synopsis: “Quantum of Solace” is actually the continuing sequel from the first movie “Casino Royale”. Bond is out to seek revenge after being betrayed by Vesper Lynd, the woman he fell in love with in “Casino Royale”. Bond captures a man named Mr. White which he reveals the man who stole Bond’s casino winnings, when he was playing poker back in “Casino Royale”. M (Judy Dench) warns Bond that this mission could be dangerous and risky, but Bond ignores her and vowed to complete his mission.

Bond discovers that a man named Dominic Greene who is a member of the Quantum organization which he poses as an environmentalist who aims to take complete control over water supply in Bolivia. Bond later learns that he needs to stop Dominic Greene from taking control of the water supply, the more Bond does that, the more he gets closer and closer for finding the people who ever hired Vesper Lynd to mess with Bond’s life.

My thoughts on the movie? I would like to add this movie to one of the worst movies of 2008. Yes, this movie was that bad. I hated it. I thought “Casino Royale” was amazing but “Quantum of Solace” was laughable. The storyline was kind of interesting, but the acting, the action scenes, the filming, etc. We’re very poorly done. The action scenes were pretty silly that they reminded me of Pierce Brosnan’s 007 films. Thumbs down to “Quantum of Solace”. “Casino Royale” was an amazing movie, I loved it to death, but the 007 films have gone downhill quickly when this piece of shit came out. Definitely wait for DVD on this one.

Score for “Quantum of Solace” = * (1 star as in poor)


BREAKING NEWS: James Bond destroys box office and makes history with “Quantum of Solace”!!!

While the fall/winter season of movies slows down in the box office, things start to pick back up again when the newest 007 flick “Quantum of Solace” finally hits the theaters this weekend. “Quantum of Solace” made a whopping $70.4. It is also considered to be the very first James Bond film to be the most successful ever.

Variety Reports:


Don’t worry folks. “Twilight” will make a lot more than James Bond.

With “Twilight” coming out next weekend on Nov. 21st, mark my words, it’ll make at least $80-$100 million or even more.


Report: Roger Moore bashes the new Bond films with Daniel Craig…

A former James Bond star, Roger Moore, said he has seen the new Bond flick “Casino Royale” but he has not yet seen the new one “Quantum of Solace”. Moore says he isn’t impressed with them at all. He said he hated how the films has turned violent and graphic, he explains how that is NOT James Bond.

He says positive things about the new James Bond actor, that man is Daniel Craig. He says Daniel IS Bond. Moore just doesn’t want the new films to be so violent. The earlier James Bond flicks were violent sure but they weren’t as graphic as “Casino Royale” and “Quantum” was. The earlier Bond flicks were family friendly, the newer Bond flicks with Daniel Craig are aiming more toward the adult audience.

Roger Moore played James Bond pretty much throughout the 70’s and most of the 80’s, Moore starred in the 007 films such as “The Man With the Golden Gun”, “A View To Kill”, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, “Moonraker”, etc.

More on it here:


“Quantum of Solace” comes out this Friday night, don’t know if I’ll see it in theater or not. I’ll probably wait for DVD on this one, not sure. I’m more interested in seeing “Twilight” than this one though.

But as far as Roger Moore’s comments on the new films goes, I don’t agree with him. I’ve seen “Casino Royale” and the violence in that film is not as bad and graphic as he claims. Maybe he is just old and not used to today’s violent films just yet. In “Casino Royale” there is only one scene that is very graphic when James Bond is captured by badguys and he is getting violently tortured by them. That’s the only graphic scene out of the whole movie but other than that, the rest of the film isn’t that bad. The violence in the rest of “Casino Royale” is similar to the older flicks.


Report: “Quantum of Solace” 007 to run 1 hr. and 40 minutes…plus famous catchphrase dropped from film…

There’s been over 20 James Bond flicks over the years and pretty much all of them have been 2 hours or more. Consider this to be the very first James Bond film in history to be the shortest film ever. It’s been confirmed that the new James Bond flick that stars Daniel Craig will run about 1 hr. and 40 minutes.

From the article:

“Of Note: Marc Forster revealed to Cinematical that the running time for Quantum of Solace is just over an hour and forty minutes, making it the shortest Bond film ever. Also, read on to find out why Forster won’t direct another one.”

More on it here:


Smart marketing plan! It is getting kind of old of every single Bond flick being so long and it’s about time for a change. 1 hr. and 40 minutes is pretty short.

And another “Quantum of Solace” note, this article states that the movie decided to stop it’s famous catchphrase “Bond…James Bond”.

More on it here:


Good move dropping the catchphrase or bad mistake?

I think it’s a good move. It’s time to give James Bond a little more character and give him a different feel.

Looking forward to the movie as I will see it in theater. I hope it’s good.


NEW: 007 “Quantum of Solace” teaser trailer online NOW!!!!

The teaser trailer for the new James Bond 007 “Quantum of Solace” movie is here, and in my opinion, the movie looks fuckin’ BADASS! It looks much better and more action packed than “Casino Royale”. I’m so happy the Bond movies are starting over with a clean slate and improving. I mean, the last several new Bond flicks were such crap and so glad they are getting better.

MTV Movies Blog exclusively has the Bond “Quantum of Solace” trailer:


I’ll definitely be seeing it in theater.

Xbox and the PS3 are also releasing a videogame based on the film and I’ll probably get that too. I’ll be posting more information on the “Quantum of Solace” videogame soon.



BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Craig injured while filming “Quantum of Solace”…

At Pinewood Studios, while the new Bond, Daniel Craig was filming an action sequence doing his own stunts, he cut off the tip of one of his fingers. Daniel was immediately rushed to the hospital, but then returned to the studio after to continue filming, knowing that the injury wasn’t all that serious. He was taken to the hospital just for a “precaution”. Daniel was bleeding like crazy after he was injured so they felt he needed to go to the hospital for emergency treatment.

This isn’t the first time “Quantum of Solace” had an accident while filming as there were much worse accidents than this one.

More on it here:


After all the accidents “Quantum of Solace” had, it was only a matter of time that something would happen to Daniel Craig at some point.

A big movie star doing his own action stunts is very risky.

Glad Daniel is ok.