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RIP: Ed McMahon 1923 – 2009

This is such sad news. A sad loss in American entertainment. He did so much for America. Everything from “Star Search” to the “Tonight Show” to “American Family Publisher’s Million Dollar Sweepstakes”, etc.

Here is one last, “HHhhheeeeeeeerrreeeeeeee’s JOHNNY!” for Ed!


Report: Donald Trump to save McMahon’s home…

No, not Vince McMahon, not the McMahon who Donald Trump shaved his bald head at Wrestlemania. I’m reffering to Ed McMahon, who is mostly famed for being in the “Publishing Clearance House” TV commercials and he has also been Johnny Carson’s sidekick in the past.

Ed McMahon is about to lose his home due to foreclosure and Donald Trump plans on buying it so McMahon can still live in it and have a place to stay. Trump plans on being the landlord for now but Trump will be leasing it to McMahon later.

Trump and McMahon never knew each other personally, but Trump says he’s a fan of McMahon’s TV personality which is why Trump is helping him, he says it would be an honor to help a TV icon.

The Associated Press reports:


After Trump being an asshole to other celebrities, he’s finally doing something good to a celebrity for a change. Ed doesn’t deserve to lose his home.