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Film Review: Friday the 13th

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Derek Mears

Directed by: Marcus Nispel

I’ve seen a late night showing of “Friday the 13th” last night, which is why there is a delay on the review  yesterday. Here it is right now:

Plot/Synopsis: A group of teenagers go hiking and they discover “Camp Crystal Lake”, after they’ve grown interest in the camp where a vicious serial killer lives. They want to find out if he is still there or if the murder stories aren’t true at all. Of course, the kids use the camp to party…to drink alcohol, smoke weed, and have sex with the girls, then here comes, you know who, Jason Voorhees to join in on the action. One of the teenage girls, named Whitney gets kidnapped by Jason, he keeps her alive because she looks like a girl that Jason knew from his past, Jason seems to have a love interest in Whitney.

Weeks later, a man named Nolan invite his friends to use his father’s cabin to party it up on Camp Crystal Lake. Clay (who is played by Jared Padalecki), goes on a search for his missing sister which he doesn’t know that she is still alive, being held captive at Jason’s house.

Clay shows up at Nolan’s cabin, asking for his missing sister, Nolan gets angry saying they are having a private party and Clay isn’t invited there. When more teenagers goes missing and they show up dead everytime, that’s when they realize there’s a killer out there with a hockey mask, and all hell breaks loose.

I’ve seen all the Friday the 13th movies. Yep, I’ve seen all ten of them in the past. I’ve seen so many horror movies since it’s my favorite genre, so I’m never scared, never jump at the jumpy parts, or never get grossed out ’cause I’m used to watching them kind of films.

This new one, isn’t really a remake at all. It’s a reinvention of the Jason Voorhees character and a totally different story, meaning a reboot. In this new one, they made the Jason character seem more human and more realistic than the earlier films. That is one thing I was impressed with the movie about, the new Jason was great.

However, the story was un-interesting and un-original. It’s just your typical “Friday the 13th” movie. Blood, gore, naked girls, etc. Just like all of them were. The murder scenes could use some improvements, they weren’t as gory and brutal as other people made them about to be. Those who think this movie was scary, and gory must be new to horror films. I didn’t think the movie was all that scary and gory at all. Sure, there were a couple of nasty killings in the movie but they only showed the gross out scenes very little.

I actually was dissapointed in this flick. It’s just your same old typical teen slasher flick, like all the other ones. I was expecting something original and unique, this one wasn’t. Only thing I liked about it, was the improvement of the Jason character, the naked women in the film, and how they stayed true to the other films. That was it. The acting by the cast was kind of bad.

I still find the remakes to Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” and Marcus Nispel’s other remake, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” to be much better than this. I thought the “Friday the 13th” remake was ok. It’s nothing I would see again and nothing I would buy on DVD.

In other news, I did pick up, “Tomb Raider: Underworld” for the PS3 and picked up the DVD for the Kevin Smith movie, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” (I’ve always wanted to see it, never saw it so I blind bought the DVD) last night. I plan to watch “Zack and Miri” tonight, and will review that film too.

Score for “Friday the 13th” = ** (2 stars as in “ok”)


Film Review: 10,000 B.C.


Directed by Roland Emmerich

Starring: Steven Straight, Camilla Belle
So I went to the mall today for something to do. Went to see a movie again, see something at random since nothing was playing for a good pass timer. I decided to check out the movie “10,000 B.C.”, a prehistoric epic about a young mammoth hunter’s journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his tribe.

As far as my thoughts of the movie goes, I really didn’t enjoy it. It’s another one of them “save your girlfriend from the badguys” type of films, and those type of films has been done to death. The action scenes were ok, but could have been done better. It was a PG-13 rating film, they wanted to keep it family oriented but I think the film would have been a lot better if the film was violent and gory.

The acting wasn’t good. The writing was kind of bad. I didn’t really like the film.

I would give this film review a score of one star as in “poor”.

Film rating for “10,000 B.C.” = * (poor)

I did pick up the game “God of War – Chains of Olympus” for the PSP Sony Handheld today so I’m looking forward to playing that in the future. I still need to finish “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories”.

I don’t think I’m going to see “Doomsday” in theater, I’ll wait for DVD on that one I think.