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Report: “Friday the 13th” franchise goes back home to Paramount Pictures…

This is really good news for fans of horror movies and the Friday the 13th franchise. The Friday The 13th franchise officially goes back to it’s original home at Paramount Pictures. The last Friday the 13th movie that was made at Paramount was, “Jason Takes Manhattan”.

They also gave up the rights to the South Park movie to Paramount. What is the reason Warner Bros. wanted to give up the rights for both films? It’s all because they wanted to make Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci movie, “Interstellar”.

No reasons were given on why they gave up Friday and South Park for “Interstellar” but I’m willing to bet it’s about the money. “Interstellar” will be a very expensive movie to make and they wanted to save some money by getting rid of other franchises.

You know how WB’s are. They wouldn’t give up on Nolan for anything. WB’s is pretty loyal to Nolan.

Back to Friday the 13th though, I’m a fan of the series. Saw every single film. I even saw, “Jason Goes to Hell”, “Jason X”, “Freddy Vs. Jason”, and the 2009 re-boot. Yes, of course, I’ve seen all of the original series. They are great films. As for my favorite Friday movies… they would have to be the first two and I liked, “Jason Takes Manhattan” quite a lot. “Freddy Vs. Jason” was even quite enjoyable. I even enjoyed the 2009 re-boot.

Now that the Friday franchise is finally back home at Paramount after all these years, I wonder how they’re gonna handle the next Friday film? They won’t be able to make a sequel to the 2009 Friday the 13th film ’cause Michael Bay owns the rights to that movie and Paramount may not be able to work with him for the next one. Will Paramount continue the movies from the original sequels or will they re-boot the series all over again? We’ll have to wait and see what their plans are.

I’m sure Paramount is happy that they got Jason Voorhees back. I think Paramount is the only company who can make good Friday movies ’cause New Line sucked. I hope the next Friday movie will be much more like the originals.

Read more on the story, here.


Report: Platinum Dunes slaughters the “Friday the 13th” sequel…

Platinum Dune’s, Brad Fuller, announced the company has cancelled the sequel to the “Friday the 13th” remake. Which is very weird since the film was very successful and made quite a lot in the box office. I actually liked the “Friday the 13th” remake quite a lot.

Don’t worry Friday fans. Never say never. Another studio will probably pick up the rights so they can continue the franchise. I think it will be pretty damn cool if Paramount Pictures can get the series back. Remember, “Friday the 13th” started out with Paramount Pictures with the original series. Now that the remake is a success, that’s the only reason another studio will pick it up. There is no way this will end for good. There will be another “Friday” movie, trust me.

More on it here:



Film Review: Friday the 13th

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Derek Mears

Directed by: Marcus Nispel

I’ve seen a late night showing of “Friday the 13th” last night, which is why there is a delay on the review  yesterday. Here it is right now:

Plot/Synopsis: A group of teenagers go hiking and they discover “Camp Crystal Lake”, after they’ve grown interest in the camp where a vicious serial killer lives. They want to find out if he is still there or if the murder stories aren’t true at all. Of course, the kids use the camp to party…to drink alcohol, smoke weed, and have sex with the girls, then here comes, you know who, Jason Voorhees to join in on the action. One of the teenage girls, named Whitney gets kidnapped by Jason, he keeps her alive because she looks like a girl that Jason knew from his past, Jason seems to have a love interest in Whitney.

Weeks later, a man named Nolan invite his friends to use his father’s cabin to party it up on Camp Crystal Lake. Clay (who is played by Jared Padalecki), goes on a search for his missing sister which he doesn’t know that she is still alive, being held captive at Jason’s house.

Clay shows up at Nolan’s cabin, asking for his missing sister, Nolan gets angry saying they are having a private party and Clay isn’t invited there. When more teenagers goes missing and they show up dead everytime, that’s when they realize there’s a killer out there with a hockey mask, and all hell breaks loose.

I’ve seen all the Friday the 13th movies. Yep, I’ve seen all ten of them in the past. I’ve seen so many horror movies since it’s my favorite genre, so I’m never scared, never jump at the jumpy parts, or never get grossed out ’cause I’m used to watching them kind of films.

This new one, isn’t really a remake at all. It’s a reinvention of the Jason Voorhees character and a totally different story, meaning a reboot. In this new one, they made the Jason character seem more human and more realistic than the earlier films. That is one thing I was impressed with the movie about, the new Jason was great.

However, the story was un-interesting and un-original. It’s just your typical “Friday the 13th” movie. Blood, gore, naked girls, etc. Just like all of them were. The murder scenes could use some improvements, they weren’t as gory and brutal as other people made them about to be. Those who think this movie was scary, and gory must be new to horror films. I didn’t think the movie was all that scary and gory at all. Sure, there were a couple of nasty killings in the movie but they only showed the gross out scenes very little.

I actually was dissapointed in this flick. It’s just your same old typical teen slasher flick, like all the other ones. I was expecting something original and unique, this one wasn’t. Only thing I liked about it, was the improvement of the Jason character, the naked women in the film, and how they stayed true to the other films. That was it. The acting by the cast was kind of bad.

I still find the remakes to Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” and Marcus Nispel’s other remake, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” to be much better than this. I thought the “Friday the 13th” remake was ok. It’s nothing I would see again and nothing I would buy on DVD.

In other news, I did pick up, “Tomb Raider: Underworld” for the PS3 and picked up the DVD for the Kevin Smith movie, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” (I’ve always wanted to see it, never saw it so I blind bought the DVD) last night. I plan to watch “Zack and Miri” tonight, and will review that film too.

Score for “Friday the 13th” = ** (2 stars as in “ok”)


Thought: Why I think classic horror films are being remade…

Many movie fans don’t like the idea of the horror industry of film remaking all the horror classics like “Friday the 13th”, “Halloween”, “Texas Chainsaw”, “Hellraiser”, “Child’s Play”, etc. Why is Hollywood remaking so many great classics that we all once loved in the earlier days? Is Hollywood ruining classic movies that we grew up watching? Do you think it’s a bad idea that Hollywood is remaking all the horror flicks from the past?

My answer is no. Hollywood remaking horror flicks is a good idea and they aren’t ruining the originals at all. Why is Hollywood remaking older flicks? Is it for the money? Yes, part of it is. Is it because they needed an updated version of it? Yes, part of it is too. I don’t think it’s because the director of the remake has his own version of the movie and he’s just dying to get it off his chest.

The only reason I can think of why Hollywood is remaking every horror flick out there is because: 1) The classic franchises like “Friday the 13th” “Halloween”, “Child’s Play” are getting too old and there is no need for those films to continue in sequels anymore, they want to entertain die hard horror fans who loved those movies in the past…2) The big one is technology with film.

With all this technology with today’s films, they can make all the blood and gore, and gross out scenes more realistic looking. Back in the old days of horror films in the early 80’s and 90’s, we didn’t have computer effects called CGI back then. They also didn’t use these special high tech camera equipment and most horror films back in those days didn’t use real film locations, most of them used studio rooms.

This is why I feel Hollywood is remaking all the horror classics because of today’s technology in film making that they never got to use in the earlier days. Most horror films in the past were made low budget and I assure you that the directors who made those films probably visioned those films to be high budget but they couldn’t afford all that back in those days.

If these films don’t get remade at all, people would forget the horror icons that we all looked after: Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Freddy, etc. Keeping the franchises going without adding sequel after sequel is a good plan and that’s another reason for rebooting all the horror series. I mean why would there be a “Friday the 13th part 20:” or” A Nightmare On Elm St. Part 35″? It wouldn’t make sense if they kept the sequels going so Hollywood had no choice but to stop the sequels and restart the whole series over again with a whole new level.

On top of that, I look forward to seeing the “Friday the 13th” remake this Friday afternoon. I’m definitely seeing it as the film looks amazing and looks better than the original series. I hope it don’t dissapoint. I hate it when trailers make the movie look so amazing, then when you actually go see the movie, it sucks. I hope that won’t be the case with “Friday the 13th” remake, I’m sure it will be a good one. I’ll review it of course.

Just wanted to make a point that I’m not bothered by horror films getting remade, I find it fine with me. I enjoy seeing what they can do to the new versions. I don’t see how they are killing the original film at all.


Thought: Believe it or not, “Friday the 13th” remake looks amazing and am looking forward to it!!!

Before seeing the movie “Taken”, I’ve seen the new “Friday the 13th” trailer, and the new “Friday the 13th” remake, looks absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I feel the remake is going to be better than the original series!!! Most horror film remakes are trash except the only really good horror remakes are “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Ring”, “Texas Chainsaw” and Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”.

I will indeed see “Friday the 13th” remake in theater and I’m sure that film will be quite a thrill ride, it won’t dissapoint.


Cool Video: “Friday the 13th” remake official trailer hits the internets!!!

Oh my! I’m surprised to say that the “Friday the 13th” remake actually looks very good. Most horror movie remakes are fucking crap except for “Dawn of the Dead” remake, “Texas Chainsaw” remake and “The Ring” remake which are the only ones that I like. Those are the great horror remakes.

But “Friday the 13th” actually looks promising. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this.

Check it out here. You can see it exclusively at myspace:



Report: Friday The 13th remake…Jason Voorhees photos revealed…

The “Friday the 13th” remake is currently filming right now and the pics on production sets had already started leaking the nets.

Click here to check them out!


Oh my! This movie is looking very promising. Most of the new Friday the 13th movies were pretty bad and looks like they will reboot this franchise.

Jason looks like an actual human in those pictures, not a monster. Very cool and can’t wait to see a teaser trailer!


Report: Friday The 13th remake…Jason Voorhees photos revealed…

The “Friday the 13th” remake is currently filming right now and the pics on production sets had already started leaking the nets.

Click here to check them out!


Oh my! This movie is looking very promising. Most of the new Friday the 13th movies were pretty bad and looks like they will reboot this franchise.

Jason looks like an actual human in those pictures, not a monster. Very cool and can’t wait to see a teaser trailer!


Report: Jason Voorhees mother found for “Friday” remake…

An actress from Star Trek’s “Deep Space Nine” TV series, Nina Visitor has been confirmed to play Jason Voorhees’s mother, Pamela Voorhees for the upcoming “Friday the 13th” remake. In “Deep Space Nine” you can see her as the character Col. Kira Nerys.

Screen Geeks Radio exclusively reports:


I used to worry that the “Friday” remake is going to suck so bad, but the cast is looking awesome so far, I am now interested in seeing the film!



Report: Friday the 13th remake leading babe found…

A young actress named Amanda Righetti is in final negotiations to be the leading female star in the “Friday The 13th” remake to star alongside Jared Padalecki. She hasn’t done much film work in her acting career, she mostly did work for TV. This looks to be her first big film for theater.

Variety Reports:


Great choice, she’s pretty hot looking. There can’t be a Friday film with no hot babes, right? Most all Friday movies has blood and gore and naked women, so hopefully this chick will show us some tits and ass too.