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Felicity Jones confirmed as female lead for “Star Wars: Rogue One”, Rian Johnson to write/direct “Star Wars Episode VIII”…

Disney released some new Star Wars news today.

First up is that actress Felicity Jones is set to star in the Star Wars spin off film which is titled “Rogue One” and will be directed by Gareth Edwards. There are no plot details as of yet though.

Secondly, Rian Johnson have been confirmed to write & direct, “Star Wars Episode VIII” which will continue right after JJ’s, “The Force Awakens”.


What is it with Disney obsessing with young female leads? There’s a new trend going on in Hollywood with young female leads starring in films. Like all the superhero films, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, the Hunger Games, etc.

I guess young women do pull in a lot of people in the theaters and that’s probably the only reason, I would think.


“Godzilla 2” won’t hit theaters until 2018…

Man, I freakin’ loved the new “Godzilla” movie. I was looking forward to the sequel but we’re not gonna see a sequel until the next 4 years which sucks. That’s way too long of a wait, in my opinion. I’m sure that movie would have been released earlier but director Gareth Edwards got that gig for the Star Wars standalone movie. I’ll be around 40 years old until the next Godzilla movie comes out, lol!!!

Who knows. Maybe the release date of “Godzilla 2” will change and hopefully release it earlier. Hollywood is always changing release dates so anything is possible.

The new Godzilla 2014 movie was really great, though. You should buy it or rent it when it comes out.



“Godzilla” director Gareth Edwards on board to direct “Star Wars” stand alone movie!!!

The “Star Wars” official facebook just dropped this interesting news. The director of the new “Godzilla” movie which I just saw two days ago just got signed to direct an untitled “Star Wars” standalone movie. As you can see Disney/Lucasfilm aren’t saying anything of what this stand-alone film is. Gary Whitta is set to write the script and this film is scheduled to be released in Dec. 2016.


How much do you wanna bet this film is either gonna be the Han Solo or Boba Fett spinoff? I bet Han Solo is first.

I didn’t find it a surprise that Gareth Edwards is gonna be involved in Star Wars somehow ’cause when I saw the new “Godzilla” film two days ago, I felt like I was watching a “Star Wars” film a little bit.

Once again, this film will have nothing to do with the upcoming new trilogy. This is for a standalone/spin-off of some sort.