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Report: Brian Henson to helm “Happytime Murders”, an adult oriented puppeteer film…

Brian Henson who is the son of the late and great famous puppeteer, Jim Henson, will helm a new puppeteer film titled “The Happytime Murders”. Jim Henson is a legendary puppeteer responsible for bringing us the Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, etc. Jim Henson was also the director of great films such as “The Dark Crystal” and “Labrynth”.

Brian Henson is a puppeteer and film maker just like his father. After Jim Henson passed away, Brian continued to make more Muppet films in his father’s honor to keep his legacy alive with new Muppet films such as “The Muppet Christmas Carol” and “The Muppet Treasure Island”.

The Jim Henson Co. greenlighted to make “Happytime Murders” with Brian directing the pic. The film is supposed to be dark and comedic but it is a film intended for adults, so expact a hard “R” rating. The plot idea for the “Happytime Murders” will be about a world of humans and puppets exist in the real world, the puppets are viewed as second class citizens. A group of puppets has been casted to make an 80’s children’s TV show called “The Happytime Gang”, each cast members gets murdered one by one while making the TV show. A drunken LAPD private eye investigates the murdered puppets.

This will be the first puppet film with a dark tone since 1982’s “The Dark Crystal” which as you saw in my top 50 films list is one of my favorite films of all times, I have the DVD to “The Dark Crystal” in my collection.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Sounds great!

This film will indeed create a lot of controversy in the news. I can see children’s parents trying to boycott this film ’cause they think this will give Jim Henson a bad name with puppets getting murdered.

With the way Hollywood running these days, I wish the Henson Co. good luck on releasing this film. Just ask Warner Bros. for the “Watchmen”, they know what it’s like.