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Report: Former “Lost” star Terry O’ Quinn to return to island adventure in “Hawaii Five-O”…

John Locke and Jin from “Lost” will reunite in the new “Hawaii Five-O” show for Season 2. Well sort of. Former “Lost” star Terry O’ Quinn will return to island adventure in the new version of “Hawaii Five-O”. This makes it so that Terry and Daniel Dae Kim (who played Jin from “Lost”) will reunite with the new show.

Terry hasn’t done any acting at all since he finished “Lost”, in 2010.

Read more on the story, here.

It’s nice to see “Lost” actors getting work again. Terry O’ Quinn for “Hawaii Five-O”, Mattew Fox for “World War Z”, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is in “Mission Impossible IV”, and now I’ve heard that Evangeline Liily (Kate from “Lost”) has been casted for “The Hobbit” remake.

Speaking of “Lost”, I’ve started season 5 this week. Watched the first 5 episodes of “Lost – Season 5” already.


Report: “Star Trek” “Twin Peaks”, “Frasier”, “Twilight Zone” and many more TV shows coming to Netflix brought to you by CBS…

To fans of the original “Star Trek” and the original “Twilight Zone” TV series, you’ll soon be able to stream them on Netflix this Spring. CBS made a two year deal with Netflix to bring us a slew of TV shows everything from “Medium”, “Twin Peaks”, “Star Trek”, “Frasier”, and more.

The Hollywood reporter, reports.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan so I can’t wait for this ’cause I haven’t seen the entire original Star Trek series. I’ve seen a lot of episodes but not all of them. Now I’ll get to in the Spring!

I don’t have Netflix yet, but I will be getting it hopefully soon. I can get Netflix directly on my PS3 now.