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Cool Photo: First Look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull for “Captain America” movie!!

Wow! They did a fantastic job creating the Red Skull character. I was a bit worried about this villain but man, this is awesome. Red Skull looks so evil and scary in that pic. I can see myself already hating Red Skull already! Great work, guys! I’m the first in line to see, “Capatain America” in theater! Can’t wait!


Report: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull for “Captain America” movie…

Today, Marvel announced Hugo Weaving will be starring as Red Skull, for “Captain America – First Avenger”. Red Skull, is the arch enemy and villain of Captain America superhero in the comics.

More on it here:


You may recognize Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith from the “Matrix” movies. Could be a great choice. The guy makes a great villain.