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Cool Photo: First Look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull for “Captain America” movie!!

Wow! They did a fantastic job creating the Red Skull character. I was a bit worried about this villain but man, this is awesome. Red Skull looks so evil and scary in that pic. I can see myself already hating Red Skull already! Great work, guys! I’m the first in line to see, “Capatain America” in theater! Can’t wait!


Cool Photo: First look at Chris Evans as Captain America!!

Not only that Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman picture have been released, there is also another superhero character that just released a pic from the Captain America film. Here is Chris Evans as Captain America, in the “Captain America: First Avengers” movie. I’m surprised by the costume and the look. It’s fantastic! I’m totally sold to Captain America now and will definitely see it. See the photo, here.


Report: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull for “Captain America” movie…

Today, Marvel announced Hugo Weaving will be starring as Red Skull, for “Captain America – First Avenger”. Red Skull, is the arch enemy and villain of Captain America superhero in the comics.

More on it here:


You may recognize Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith from the “Matrix” movies. Could be a great choice. The guy makes a great villain.


BREAKING NEWS: Captain America is finally casted…

Marvel films have finally casted their Captain America, and that is Chris Evans. I actually feel pretty good about this casting. Nothing amazing or mind blowing, but pretty good. I’ll take anybody but that overrated Channing Tatum.

Lets hope they make this a good movie ’cause I always liked the Captain America character.



Report: Joe Johnston speaks on “Captain America” live action movie…

“Wolfman” director, Joe Johnston speaks about his upcoming “Captain America” movie with Marvel films. Johnston says he wants to cast a completely unknown actor to play Captain America, the hero. However, Johnston wants more well known actors to play the other characters. Johnston confirms that Red Skull could be the main villain of the film. Red Skull, is the Nazi villain that has the red face. Johnston says this movie will be totally different than the other Marvel superhero films.


Wonder what Johnston means when he says this film will be different than other Marvel films? Will it not be a CGI fest full of popcorn action effects like all the others? Since Captain America will be played by an actor we’ve never heard of before, he’ll probably get a well known star for Red Skull.

Who should be Red Skull? My pick would be either Christian Bale or Jackie Earl Haley.


Report: Joe Johnston to bring “Captain America” to the big screen…

The new live action movie to the Marvel superhero Captain America has finally recruited a director! Film maker Joe Johnston has inked a deal to helm “First Avenger: Captain America” with Marvel. Joe Johnston’s earlier film work he directed were films such as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, “The Rocketeer”, “Jumanji” and he is currently filming “The Wolf Man” remake that stars Benicio Del Torro and Anthony Hopkins. Joe Johnston is more than just a film maker. This man does everything! He has done visual effects for the original Star Wars trilogy, and also done visual effects for “Raiders of the Lost Ark” as well.

There are no writers yet, but Marvel already has an idea for a plot for this new “Captain America” film. This film will take place during World War II and will be the beggining of “The Avengers”. Marvel scheduled to release this film May 6, 2011.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Great choice for a director! He’ll make a good Captain America film. Hope they pick the right actor for the hero too.