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Will I go see the new, “Men in Black III”???

The answer is no. I have no interest in the new “Men In Black” movie. I thought the first one was pretty good, but I hated the second one. Plus, I’m not a big Will Smith fan. I only like a few of his movies. The only Will Smith movies, I liked were, “Independence Day”, and, “I Am Legend”, that’s pretty much it. I just think he’s an overrated actor.

I will go to the movies next week, to see something, but it won’t be, “MIBIII”.

I’m thinking of checking out either, “Chernobyl Diaries” or, “The Dictator”. I think, I’m going to wait for DVD rental on, “Battleship”.


Cool Video: “Men In Black 3” trailer is finally here, and the film looks pretty good!

“Men In Black 3” trailer is here, and I really liked it. The film looks very entertaining. I liked the first MIB film a lot, I didn’t care for the second one, so hopefully this film will be just as good as the first.

Look like this film is going to be about Agent J, going to look out for his longtime partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), but the trailer said Agent K is dead in this one. So looks like Josh Brolin’s character is going to take his place? Tommy Lee Jones IS credited in this movie so Agent K must be in this movie somehow. My guess is that Agent K is actually alive and he shows up at the end of the movie?


Correction: Tommy Lee Jones not suing the Coen Bros., he’s suing Paramount studios…

That write up in TMZ didn’t say whether or not if Tommy Lee Jones was suing the Coen Bros. or Paramount, they just said he was suing the “film makers”, well the Coen Bros. are film makers so I assumed he was suing them. When more articles started getting on the web, they all say he is suing Paramount.

Like this one here:



BREAKING NEWS: Tommy Lee Jones sues the Coen Bros. for not getting paid share of box office bonuses…

Actor Tommy Lee Jones who starred as Sheriff Bell in the Coen Bros. movie, “No Country, For Old Men” is suing Joel and Ethan Coen for not giving share of box office profits when they promised. Jones is suing the directors for $10 million.

Sheriff Bell, one of the characters for “No Country For Old Men”, he tries to hunt down the serial killer Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem.

TMZ reports:


Good for Tommy! Standing up for what’s right!