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Report: Padalecki in for “Friday the 13th” remake…

Actor Jared Padalecki is in final negotiations to star the “lead” in the “Friday the 13th” remake. Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is producing the film for New Line and Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Pictures released the original “Friday the 13th” film in 1980 introducing the iconic serial killer at the end of the film, while Jason Voorhees’s mother is playing the lead. The remake will focus on the serial killer wearing the hockey mask, Jason will play the lead in the remake instead of the mother.

Padalecki is NOT signed to play Jason Voorhees. He is signed to play the regular leading role, a good guy where he visits Camp Crystal Lake and investigates the murders that’s been happening on the camp.

You’ve probably seen Padalecki in the “House of Wax” remake.

The Hollywood  Reporter reports:


The Friday the 13th remake is actually sounding decent so far. I personally think Rob Zombie should be the one directing this though.

Hope they don’t screw this one up.

The “Friday” series has been a hit for years, that’s why the movies kept going.

It has a chance to be a box office smash.