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The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #18: The Strangers

Time to do a newer film here called, “The Strangers”, starring Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler (Steven Tyler’s daughter). The film is about a couple coming back from a wedding reception, and they stay in an isolated vacation home. Of course, they get visitors by 3 masked people. Sure enough, they aren’t very nice people and violent. What I loved about the film, is that it has no gore. It concentrates on the scare, and that’s what the film does the best job at. Who ever the writer is, must know how to scare people ’cause it was a pretty freaky as hell movie. I was pretty impressed with the film, and plan on re-watching it sometime before or on the day of Halloween. I plan to start my horror movie marathon soon. Maybe this weekend.


Cool Video: Miley Cyrus teaches Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler to use the TWLOHA website!

Miley Cyrus teaches Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler how to use the TWLOHA website. Notice Joaquin Phoenix is back to his old self again. No beard, no long hippy hair do. He’s not even acting weird and insane. He’s acting pretty serious this time. Wonder how Joaquin’s rap career is going? Or if he’s still doing it?

I’m not accusing Joaquin of being a kid predator or anything like that, but notice how he seems to be into her a little bit. Can’t blame him. It’s Miley Cyrus, sitting right in front of him, so I can’t blame him for going crazy and trying to sit so close to her.


Report: “Strangers” sequel is greenlighted, and will start filming this fall…

The sequel to the horror film, “The Strangers”, that starred Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, has been greenlighted and will start filming this Fall, as soon as possible. Laurent Briet, is in talks to direct. There is no official word on whether or not Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman will return to the sequel but the story and plot ideas are being kept underwraps for now.

Variety Reports:


Some people didn’t like “The Strangers”, but I thought it was one of the best new horror films in a long while. Looking forward to the sequel. I’ll see it in the theater, depending on how the trailer is.