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Report: Tony Iommi speaks on website since cancer announcement…

Today on Friday the 13th, Tony Iommi wrote a little message on his website, thanking the fans and supporters for their support and well wishes toward his cancer announcement, that Black Sabbath made earlier this week.

Even if Tony is sick, he is letting the world know that he is in good spirits and he is still recording the new Black Sabbath album, with the original members. He says the recording is going well, and they vow to finish the rest of it.

Read his message, here.

He still didn’t say anything about the tour. What will happen with the full Black Sabbath world tour they had planned? I have a feeling they might have to cancel out of that. They might just play one gig.

If they do end up cancelling the tour completely, that will be understandable. This is such a bummer though. I’m sure the rest of the guys in Black Sabbath are heartbroken too. Life isn’t fair.