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“Tales From The Crypt” returning to the small screen with M. Night Shyamalan executive producing…

I’m a huge fan of the “Tales From The Crypt” series that used to get aired on HBO ’cause that show used to be my favorite show when I was a kid. I believe I was in high school around the time the show was a big deal on HBO. I remember I used to stay up real late just to watch the show.

I’m glad that the Crypt Keeper is making a comeback; however, I’m not so thrilled about the guy being in charge of the show… M. Night Shyamalan who I’m not a big fan of at all. So while this is exciting but at the same time, I’m kind of skeptical too.

This show will be a bit of a throwback though. Hopefully they keep the opening theme song and I’m sure they will. I’m a huge fan of horror as a lot of you may already know.



Report: Will and Jaden Smith to re-team for M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi action adventure flick…

M. Night Shymalan’s last couple of movies, “The Last Airbender”, and “Devil” have both bombed in the box office terribly. Look like he’s trying to do whatever it takes to be a box office success again, by having Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith to star in a film together. M. Night Shyamalan will direct a sci action adventure movie, which will be about a young boy who crashed his spaceship on an abandoned planet, his father was onboard the ship, they navigate the planet while there.

Deadline, reports.

This film is gonna suck no matter how hard M. Night tries to save his failing career. I only liked two of M. Night’s films, “Unbreakable” and “The Sixth Sense” were both excellent films but the rest of M. Night’s films are total garbage. Plus, M. Night is overrated.


Report: Bruce Willis still on for “Die Hard 5” and “Unbreakable 2″…

Bruce Willis spoke out saying that he is still committed to playing in “Die Hard 5” and the sequel to the 2000 released M. Night Syamalan movie, “Unbreakable”. Bruce says he wants Len Wiseman to return to direct “Die Hard 5”. Len Wiseman directed, “Live Free or Die Hard”. As for “Unbreakable”, a sequel was in the works since the 1st one ’cause the ending to that movie left open for another movie. Bruce says he will be willing to star in “Unbreakable 2” only if Samuel L. Jackson is willing to return as well.

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Lets hope “Die Hard 5” will be a better movie, ’cause I hated “Live Free or Die Hard”. I think “Unbreakable 2” will be interesting ’cause I liked the first one a lot. I usually hate M. Night Shyamalan flicks, but the “Unbreakable” flick is the only good movie he did.