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Macaulay Culkin, back on the magazine cover spotlight and real interesting interview too…

I don’t care about celebrities much anymore but Macaulay Culkin is one that I always had a lot of respect for. As some of you know, Macaulay was a big child star… starring in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies such as “Home Alone”, “My Girl”, “The Good Son”, “Richie Rich”, “Uncle Buck”, etc. Then suddenly after the film “Richie Rich”, Macaulay somewhat semi-retired from the film industry. He’s not completely retired from the industry, he still acts in films occasionally, he’s just staying away from huge blockbusters. He no longer wants to do those big movies anymore ’cause he figures that this fame and celebrity lifestyle wasn’t for him. He left the film industry so he can live a real life for himself.

Even though Macaulay doesn’t do movies much anymore, he has never really gone away ’cause he has his own podcast show, his website and he is still around trying to entertain us in his own way. What I like even more about Macaulay is that he’s a huge professional wrestling fan. If I ever met him in person, I could talk wrestling all day with him.

This article and interview talks the life of Macaulay Culkin. This article/interview is a great read too.


Will Macaulay ever return to blockbuster films? His girlfriend wants him to and he auditioned for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” but it didn’t go so well… he continues to stay retired even to this day but never say never. It would be cool if Macaulay returns to the movies as a leading actor once again… his girlfriend Brenda needs to keep pressuring him about it and maybe he will one day. It’s all up to him.

I’ve heard all the silly stories that Macaulay is a broken man with lots of problems when the real truth is that he’s actually doing well for himself and he’s still alive.

I’ve always loved listening to Macaulay in interviews… he’s a smart guy, interesting and entertaining to listen to.


Video: Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister from “Home Alone”…

You never thought Macaulay Culkin would reprise his role as Kevin McCallister from the two “Home Alone” movies he starred in. The role that shot him to national fame. The role that made him an iconic child movie star. Here he is playing the character again.

It’s for a web series called DRYVRS which is exclusive for youtube.

As you can see Macaulay is still a good actor. Macaulay still acts for big screen movies but not as much as he used to. He doesn’t work for Hollywood all that much anymore ’cause why? When he was a kid, he was making plenty of box office hits like “Home Alone 1 & 2”, “Uncle Buck”, “My Girl”, “The Good Son”, “Richie Rich”, etc. Macaulay made so much money from those movies and I’m sure he’s still getting paychecks from those movies. He doesn’t need to work as much anymore. That’s probably the reason why he no longer wants to work on big budget movies anymore.

He’s still a great actor though and you can see that here.


Macaulay Culkin is still alive and well…

Macaulay Culkin the “Home Alone” and “Uncle Buck” star is quick to shoot down death rumors as you can see here. I’m sure he’s flattered that he’s been added to the celebrity death hoax victim and sure he finds it entertaining as hell.

It’s amazing how people quickly fall for these death hoaxes. I’m not that naive at all and I can always tell what is real and what is fake.

I’ve always respected Macaulay and still do. How come Macaulay doesn’t act in movies anymore as much as he used to? Well for one, this kid fucking loaded. He made a lot of money from his career since his childhood days so he doesn’t need to work as much anymore. I think Macaulay is just staying away from Hollywood and just enjoying life. He’s just living life the way he wants to so he’s playing music full time with his band, The Pizza Underground.

I’m glad he’s doing well, though and he’s looking good. I’ve watched all of his movies when he was a child: “Home Alone”, “The Good Son”, “Uncle Buck”, “Richie Rich”, etc. He’s been acting in movies since he was a little baby. He still gets new movie roles here and there but not as much as he used to. He doesn’t need to work those Hollywood blockbusters anymore… I think he wants to move on from that.


Macaulay Culkin forms Velvet Underground tribute band but…

Remember Macaulay Culkin that Home Alone kid? Apparently, he happens to be a huge Lou Reed fan himself. He just formed a Velvet Underground tribute band but re-wrote all the lyrics for them to be about pizza. The band’s name is The Pizza Underground so obviously this is a parody. The Pizza Underground parodied songs by the Velvet Underground and Lou’s solo material.

Listen to the demo of all the songs, here. Sounds pretty good actually!

If Lou was still alive, I’m sure he would have loved this and got a pretty good laugh out of it!


Report: Macaulay Culkin’s sister was drunk legally before death…

Dakota Culkin, who is the older sister of former child star, Macaulay Culkin, was hit by a car while she was crossing the street in Los Angeles, she was killed. The coroner discovered that she was drunk before she was killed. She was on her way back home after a night of drinking, but to avoid drinking and driving, she walked home instead. This makes it legal because she wasn’t driving and she is over 21 years of age. The cause of her death was “blunt-force trauma”.

More on it here:


While walking home after a late night of drinking at a bar may sound safe, but not always.

I’ve walked all the way home late nights after drinking at a bar in Greenwich plenty of times in the past, and it’s really no fun. Walking home is better than driving while drunk or riding in a car with someone who is drunk though.