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BREAKING NEWS: Car drives through Stephen King’s gate at his Bangor, Maine home!!!!

A young woman crashed through that gate as you see in the picture. Who’s home is that? That is no one other than the legendary horror author, Stephen King. That house has been Stephen’s home for many years. He stayed there for most of his life really. It’s such a shame that gate has been destroyed. As you can see that gate has a spiderweb design with two spiders over it, there are also two gargoyles on both sides on the top.

Stephen King was not at home at the time when the woman drove through the gate. No one was injured. She was either drunk or not paying attention to her driving and must of lost control of her car.

While I’m sure Stephen himself, would be sad of this news, he would use this incident for more inspiration for his novels. He’s always been known to write real life things that happened in his life and bring it into his fiction novels. He’ll probably write a novel about this, I’m sure.

I don’t think King would sue this woman. He would know it’s just an accident but she might have to pay up for damages of the gate, that’s about it though.