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This is what sickens me about the mainstream media, they treat Obama too positively…

Why does crap like this have to be HUGE news? That’s the problem with liberal media. They make him look too good and they treat him almost too positively. They treat both Michelle and Barack too positively. Treating them like rock stars.

They even went as far as making it a trending topic in facebook with this heading that says, “Marine One: President Barack Obama Fist Bumps 4-Year-Old Boy While Walking to Helicopter”.

It’s pretty funny how Obama flies on a Marine One helicopter from the White House when D.C. is a “No Fly Zone” area. Obama made D.C. a no-fly zone permanent back in 2008.

I’m sick of the media treating Obama positively. He’s not a good guy that they are trying to make him out to be. That’s the problem, media trying to make Obama look like a good president when he isn’t.

See? This is the problem in America today. Obama’s sycophant media. Media not doing their jobs and not doing real “journalism”.

Why does Obama fist bumping people, talking to children or visiting stores/restaurants have to be big news? Why does Michelle dancing on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon have to be huge fucking news? That’s the problem. I think Media and social networking is ruining politics. How come the media isn’t reporting anything about Obama’s shady past and how come they aren’t reporting anything about Obama’s lawlessness and criminal actions?

It’s bullshit. Wake up, America!


Here is your confirmation that Obama hates our homeland, folks…

Obama has always been lousy at saluting our marines. Remember Obama had to have a marine hold an umbrella for him while he gave a speech? I think this video is proof that Obama hates America.

If he was a real patriot, he would have finished his coffee and throw it away before he exited Marine One helicopter. That’s what a real president would have done. A real president wouldn’t have saluted with a coffee in his hand. Disrespectful to the USA and to the Marines.

Quite honestly, I think Obama and the White House intentionally put this video on their instagram page just to show everyone how much he hates America. Look how Obama quickly walks down those steps and immediately walking past those two Marines without even looking at ’em. Obama didn’t even give them direct eye contact and he seems like he was in a hurry to get away from them.

Watch how George W. Bush gives the Marine salute after stepping off Marine One on 9/11. Notice how George W. was more courteous and more respectful to the Marine??? Notice how George W. gives the Marine direct eye contact when saluting? I know George W. isn’t everyone’s favorite but he was a real patriot and a true leader who cared for the military.

Obama doesn’t give a shit. If you defend Obama on this, then you’re anti-American too. Sorry to say.