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BREAKING NEWS: Matilda Rose wins Heath Ledger’s estate…

Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda Rose, has been awarded to inherit the late actor’s estate. Heath originally wrote a will to give everything to his parents and his sisters but everyone in Heath’s family gave it all to Matilda Rose instead. There was no legal challenge by Michelle Williams although some has speculated the will was written to her.

The executor of the estate would not reveal how much the estate is really worth although a newspaper estimated it is worth about $16.3 million.

The Associated Press reports:


Matilda will be hella rich when when she gets older.

Do you think that little girl deserves this or do you think people are spoiling her too much?

IMO, Heath’s family should have stuck to his wishes that was written on the will.

Sure that little girl’s father is gone, I don’t think Heath would want her growing up with all kinds of people sending her checks, when I assure you that Heath would want her growing up making her own money doing “work” in the real world for her to live a normal life.

Yep, I think they are spoiling her.