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Report: China planning to make Disney’s “Mulan” a live action movie…

The China FIlm Group is partnering with Xinhua Media Entertainment to adapt Disney’s animated film “Mulan” into a live action movie. The companies have already found a director to make “Mulan” a live action film but they will announce who the director will be at AFM.

The animated version of “Mulan” were meant for children and people of all ages, the film makers plan to make a live action more adult oriented. Look like it maybe filmed in China, but the live action “Mulan” could possibly get a world wide release.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:



I have seen the Disney version of “Mulan” before and it’s actually very good.

I like some Disney animated movies, not a lot but I do like a few.

Like “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”, “Cinderella”, “Bambi”, etc. I mostly like the older Disney animated flicks, the newer ones I don’t really care for.