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Paul McCartney to front Nirvana at MSG tonight, yes, you heard that right!

Just announced today, as a surprise for 12-12-12, Paul McCartney will be fronting the re-formed Nirvana, with Dave Grohl on drums, Krist Noveselic on bass, and Pat Smear on guitar. They will back Paul McCartney on vocals tonight for the Sandy Benefit at MSG in NYC. This performance is not what you think it is though. I don’t think they will be performing any of Nirvana’s hits. You won’t hear Paul sing, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Come As You Are”, they will be doing a brand new, Nirvana song.

This maybe an odd collaboration but keep in mind, people, that Kurt was a huge Beatles fan. You can hear a lot of Beatles influence in Nirvana songs. I’m 100% sure, Kurt would have wanted this to happen, a Beatle to front Nirvana. If Kurt was still alive to see this, I’m sure he would have loved it. It would have been a dream come true for Kurt, and this is why they’re doing this. Honoring a late rock star.

I can’t wait for this performance to land on youtube. It’ll be interesting!

More on the story, here.

If they do end up playing a few Nirvana hits, anyway, that wouldn’t surprise me.