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Report: WWE superstar, Sheamus, finally explains why he don’t tan…

WWE Superstar, Sheamus, did an interview with ESPN to help promote the new, “Smackdown vs. RAW 2011” video game. Ever wondered why his skin is so white and why John Cena calls him, a “human jar of mayonaise”? Why can’t he get a tan? It’s because he can’t.

Sheamus said:

“I can’t get a tan, to be honest with you. I get bright red, then I get white again. [laughs] I can’t actually get a tan, but what’s funny is it has definitely helped me stand out from day one. Just being different — not being tan, not having the short hair or the long hair like everybody else, my Irish accent — there are a lot of different things that put me in the right place at the right time, and I knew if I got the opportunity, I’d take it. That’s what I’ve done from day one. You give me an opportunity, I’ll run a mile.”

Honestly, I think Sheamus looks good being bright white. It makes it looks like he’s got a natural muscular built that way. Maybe so many wrestling fans wants to see him tan ’cause he’s one of the only wrestlers who never tans? Most every single professional wrestler out there have a perfectly tanned body.

Not with Sheamus though. I think he wants to prove that you can get muscle definition and results by not tanning at all. I don’t think Sheamus has done steroids. His physique doesn’t look steroid built to me at all. He looks perfectly natural to me.

Feel free to read the rest of the interview here.