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Report: Stallone saw “Son Of Rambow” and reviewed it…

At first Sylvester Stallone was not amused about a movie titled “Son Of Rambow” a film which is about two young children filming a movie based on “Rambo: First Blood”. This film is totally paying homage to Stallone’s real “Rambo”. At first Stallone thought this was a joke-a-minute comedy, I think he’s reffering to slapstick parodies making fun of Rambo. To his surprise, it wasn’t that. “Son Of Rambow” is actually a mix of comedy and drama. A serious film. When Sly finally decided to check the movie out, he absolutely loved it. Stallone himself e-mailed the film makers commending them a job well done.

From the L.A. Times:


Here is the “Son of Rambow” trailer for those interested. I’ll wait for DVD release on this one though.