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Report: Stallone saw “Son Of Rambow” and reviewed it…

At first Sylvester Stallone was not amused about a movie titled “Son Of Rambow” a film which is about two young children filming a movie based on “Rambo: First Blood”. This film is totally paying homage to Stallone’s real “Rambo”. At first Stallone thought this was a joke-a-minute comedy, I think he’s reffering to slapstick parodies making fun of Rambo. To his surprise, it wasn’t that. “Son Of Rambow” is actually a mix of comedy and drama. A serious film. When Sly finally decided to check the movie out, he absolutely loved it. Stallone himself e-mailed the film makers commending them a job well done.

From the L.A. Times:


Here is the “Son of Rambow” trailer for those interested. I’ll wait for DVD release on this one though.


Report: Spike TV nail down Rambo franchise…

Spike TV has worked a deal with Lionsgate studios and bought the new “Rambo” film to air on the TV channel in the future. Spike bought the new “Rambo” for $4.5 million. Spike also picked up the first three “Rambo” films from CBS TV Distribution. My guess is that Spike TV wants to have a Rambo marathon, to air all 4 “Rambo’s” in a row in one day.

Variety Reports:


Since I already own the first 3 Rambo’s on DVD and I’ll soon own the new Rambo when it comes out for BluRay May 27th, I won’t need to watch this on cable TV.

But it’s no surprise to me that Spike TV will want to air the new Rambo since that TV channel loves to hype that film to death before it was out in theater.