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Cool Video: “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” trailer hits the web…

The Twilight Saga “Eclipse”, the third of the series, teaser trailer has hit the web this morning. They seem to keep getting better as they go along. “Eclipse” looks like a good one to me and looking forward to it. Look like Victoria, the red headed vampire girl, is the main villain in this flick while Edward and Jacob feud against each other over Bella. I will be seeing this.


The Hurt Locker…

I just got done watching the movie, “The Hurt Locker”, on DVD, a war film directed by Kathryn Bigelow. I just wanted to review it a little bit. I was very impressed and blown away by the film. Sent chills down my spine. It’s one of the best war films I’ve seen in many years. A lot of the newer war films haven’t been that great and finally we get a great one. When you watch this film, it may seem like a man directed this movie when it isn’t. Kathryn makes you feel like a man directed it. Respects go out to Kathryn. Making a film like this would be difficult for a woman to do and she pulled it off. Not many women directors make movies like this. Most female directors are into romantic comedies, dramas, and serious films. Not war films with intense action scenes.

The movie is based on War In Iraq. It tells a story of a young bomb squad team going around Iraq disarming bombs set that are hidden in various things. Bombs could be set in cars even on human people, etc. Jeremy Renner plays Sgt. James which he is an expert bomb disarmer. They try their best to survive.

Very impressive film making by Kathryn. The action scenes were unbelievable. Loud explosions that sounded great on a home theater. I think there will be a sequel on the way ’cause the ending left open for another movie, I think. I’m pretty positive the “Hurt Locker” will make a Best Picture nomination for the Oscars. This would be my pick for Best Picture winner over the other choices, indeed. It would be appropriate if this movie won Best Picture, since War in Iraq is still going on. While, “The Hurt Locker” is fiction, it is still a realistic film since it was taken place in War in Iraq. You should definitely check this out if you like war movies.

In this movie, there are blood and guts scenes that may make your stomach turn…so just a warning.


Report: David Slade to direct, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”…

Summit Entertainment has found their director for the third “Twilight” movie, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. David Slade, who previously directed the vampire film, “30 Days of Night” has been confirmed as the director. Hopefully this one is real, this time!

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