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Cool Video: “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” trailer hits the web…

The Twilight Saga “Eclipse”, the third of the series, teaser trailer has hit the web this morning. They seem to keep getting better as they go along. “Eclipse” looks like a good one to me and looking forward to it. Look like Victoria, the red headed vampire girl, is the main villain in this flick while Edward and Jacob feud against each other over Bella. I will be seeing this.


Film Review: “Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Starring: Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Michael Sheen

Directed by: Chris Weitz

Today I just saw the new Twilight movie, “New Moon” this afternoon, here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Leaving right off from the first film, Bella celebrates her 18th birthday after recovering from a vampire attack from the last movie. Edward Cullen, announces to Bella that he and his family are leaving Forks, Washington forever to avoid the dangers of getting killed by the evil Victoria and to keep Bella safe.

After Edward leaves Forks, Washington, Bella is alone and spends most of her time with Jacob Black. Jacob reveals that he is in a tribe of werewolves as he is a werewolf himself. He helps Bella repair a busted motorcycle so she can go and find Edward herself. Later, Bella, finds out that Edward is in Italy who is about ready to join an evil vampire clan called the Volturi which is led by Aro (played by Michael Sheen). Victoria and Carlyle who are evil vampires are also in the Volturi. Bella goes to Italy to try and stop him from joining.

My thoughts? This was definitely much better than the first. There is a major improvement. The movie pretty much followed the book, but as usual left out a lot of very important plot points that could have been added in the film.

The last “Twilight” film was too much of a tween romance film since it was made by a female director. With this one being made by a male director this time, Chris Weitz, this movie was definitely more aimed toward the adult male audience than female, in my opinion.

“Twilight: New Moon” was more darker, it stayed away from the romance stories, it only had a little bit. This one was more about survival. With this being a male director, there is an improvement in the writing, acting, directing style, better special effects and more action scenes and more violence.

The soundtrack was even better than the last too. This film didn’t over do the music of bands playing over the movie like the last one did.

I was very impressed with the acting of Michael Sheen as Aro. I know Twilight is never going to be Oscar worthy but if something was to be Oscar worthy, I think Michael Sheen is an Oscar worthy performance for a, Best Supporting Actor award. His acting was really fantastic and he played the best vampire role out of the entire Twilight cast. Knowing that Michael Sheen played a vampire from the “Underworld” series. The Volturi scenes was the best parts of the movie, in my opinion.

Only thing I’m disappointed in, from the book “New Moon”, there was a long part in the novel where Jacob Black’s father, Billy, explains everything in detail to Bella about how he and his tribe turned into werewolves, but that part wasn’t included in the film for whatever reason. The character of Billy Black wasn’t in the film all that much.

Also, in the novel, Bella discovers that Jacob Black is a werewolf on her own, but the movie didn’t have that. Instead, Jacob told her.

In this film, we get less Edward Cullen and more Jacob Black. Taylor Lautner is the leading star in this one, this time. I think Taylor Lautner is going to be a bigger star more than Robert Pattison. People would forget about Robert Pattison very quick ’cause I think Taylor just overshadowed his popularity.

“New Moon” did have a shocking ending and it did get the audience talking, mysteriously as the film got over with. The Twilight movies are improving as each one comes along and I hope they make the next one, “Eclipse”, a great one also where people won’t give the films negative reviews.

Other than that, I absolutely loved, “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. Brilliant flick. Great job, Chris.

Score for “Twilight Saga: New Moon” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Cool Video: “Twilight Saga: New Moon” official teaser hits myspace…

The 2nd installment of the “Twilight Saga” series, “New Moon” hit the web over the weekend.

I’m sure all the tween girls are loving this trailer and going crazy over it, while all the men are hating on it, but I gotta say, I think the next movie looks better than the first!

Check it out here:



Report: Summit Entertainment says no director hired for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” yet, so does this mean Drew Barrymore still has a chance?

Summit Entertainment, just denied reports that a director has been hired for “Eclipse”. So this means, that the Spanish horror director, Juan Antonio Bayona, getting hired is just a silly rumour. This also means that an opportunity for Drew Barrymore is still open.

I really want Summit Entertainment to give “Eclipse” to Drew. I really think she can do a good job with the “Twilight” movies. She’s a big fan of the horror genre and I think she can make it work.

So Drew, you can now sigh with relief about this news, Summit hasn’t picked anybody yet! Good luck to Drew, I hope she gets it.

More on it here:



In defense of Robert Pattison, this post is aimed toward the men that bash him…

I don’t know about you “Twilight” fans out there, but I am getting tired of guys bashing Robert Pattison for attracting many girls and making fun of his Edward Cullen character. Well yeah, of course. I think that’s pretty much the obvious reason Summit Entertainment hired Robert Pattison to be the leading Edward Cullen star. He’s simply a chick magnet.

I think we can safely say that guys who make fun of Robert Pattison over this, comes out of jealousy. Yep, there’s that word again. I know you’re getting sick of seeing that word in my blog, but I have to say it again to get my point across. I’m sure guys like myself wish we were as good looking as him. Us men probably wish we can get a huge crowd of girls following us everywhere we go, which we can’t do.

Robert Pattison is the Beatles of Hollywood. You know how back in the old days of the Beatles where girls would follow them everywhere? It is that era again, with Robert Pattison of “Twilight” this time. I actually find this Robert Pattison guy quite interesting, so I have nothing negative against the guy at all.

Even though he is not a vampire, of course, he looks almost exactly like one, which is another reason why he got the “Twilight” role. I have a feeling that the horror movie industry will be all over this guy. Once this dude, gets done filming the “Twilight” series, , I see Robert starring in a lot of adult R rated horror films. I see him playing vampire characters in various other vampire movies, possibly.

If he sticks with the horror genre after “Twilight”, I think he’ll become the most successful actor in the horror movie industry. He could be just as big as Robert Englund and all those guys.

All the girls loving Robert Pattison, and all the men hating on him, is only the beggining. It’s just proof that he’s on his way in becoming a legendary star in the making. Love him or hate him, gotta give the man credit. I think Robert is pretty cool and can’t wait for “New Moon” to hit theater!


Confirmed: Robert Pattinson, “Twilight” star to present award at the Oscars this Sunday…

Look like all the “Twilight” fans will be tuning in to the Oscars this Sunday, just to see Robert Pattison present an award at this Sunday’s Academy awards. While the Academy is doing their best to keep award presenters top secret, it is still not stopping other websites to confirm award presenters. This article confirmed that the Edward Cullen star will indeed be there to present some kind of award  but it’s not known what award he will present.

Rumours swirling, that Kristen Stewart may be there too.

More on it here:


I can see him presenting an award for “Best Animated Film”, or for “Best Song” or something like that.

The Oscars will be good this Sunday.


Report: “New Moon” sequel to “Twilight” to start filming this coming March…

Kristen Stewart revealed on a interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radioshow that the film makers of “Twilight” will start filming the sequel “New Moon” right away this coming March. Summit Entertainment announced a sequel is greenlighted, a script has been written already, and the cast from the first movie is still on board for a sequel, so they aren’t wasting any time and getting right to work.

They will film the “New Moon” movie in Italy because most of the book was taken place there.

More on it here:


Glad they are getting right to work on the sequel. We’ll probably get an early 2011 release for “New Moon”. The second story gets better and more interesting than the first.


Film Review: Twilight

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke

Just got back from seeing the movie “Twilight” the movie adapted from the book by author Stephenie Meyer. The movie does pretty much follow the same story as the novel does.

Story centers around a young Bella Swan moving into Forks, Washington with her father Charlie. There she goes to a new high school where she meets new friends and where she runs into Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen was a loner who didn’t want to talk to anyone but until he met Bella, he changed. As their friendship grows, they fall in love with each other after Bella finding out what Edward Cullen really is, a vampire. Edward is a good vampire, not an evil one. While in Forks, Edward invites Bella to play a game of baseball with his vampire family. Suddenly, the Cullens run into some evil when a vampire named James who is a tracker vampire decides to hunt Bella for sport. Edward and the rest of the Cullens team up to try and save Bella’s life.

My thoughts on the movie? I was surprised by it. It turned out to be a good one. Nothing excellent or nothing amazing, but the movie itself was fun and entertaining. That’s all it is. Just a fun and entertaining movie. What I like about the film is how the film is full of unknown actors. Basically the entire cast, you don’t even know who these actors are. There is not one big name star in the film.

As I said before, the film had something for everyone in it. Romance, drama, even a little comedy, horror and violent action scenes. The movie starts to get pretty violent toward the end of the movie, and there is even “mild” blood and gore as well. Nothing gross out that’ll make your stomach turn or nothing like that, but there is blood in the movie.

Stephenie Meyer the author herself, makes a tiny cameo appearance in the film. I won’t say where she is in the film but she is in there somewhere. I recognized her right away and was like, there she is right there.

I was impressed by Robert Pattinson’s acting in the film, he played the Edward Cullen character real good. Nothing Oscar worthy or anything like that, but his acting was something special. His acting made you kept glued to him everytime he appeared on screen. The dark cinematography was great. The acting of a teenage cast, they didn’t make this feel like a teenage movie, their acting skills was actually very maturing.

As far as the audience turn out goes, yes, there were a bunch of teenage girls in the theater that I was in, but there were guys around my age sitting by themselves watching the movie too. There were actually people in various ages of the theater I was in. The film is for everyone. You can’t immediately assume that the “Twilight” series is for teenage girls only when it isn’t true at all. I believe the series goal is to fit along the lines of “Harry Potter”, “Lord of the Rings”, and “Chronicles of Narnia”.

People should stop making fun of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. She deserves the respect because she is bringing the horror genre to the younger generation. Whether you hate the Twilight series or love it, respect Stephenie Meyer for the work. There is too many fantasy and family oriented fiction for young adults but never anything in the horror genre. This is why Stephenie Meyer is huge in the media for this. The horror genre over the years was mostly aimed at adults, but Stephenie Meyer wanted to bring the genre to young adults. It’s that easy to understand why she’s so popular. It’s not because of the teen romance thing, it’s how she’s bringing the horror genre into kids lives. I enjoy the storytelling in the “Twilight” series.

The “Twilight” film is real good. I enjoyed it. Check it out. If you’re too embarrassed to see it in theater like a pussy (it ain’t like you’re seeing a porn or anything), wait for DVD if that works for you.

Score for “Twilight” = *** (3 stars as in “good”)