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Film Review: “Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Starring: Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Michael Sheen

Directed by: Chris Weitz

Today I just saw the new Twilight movie, “New Moon” this afternoon, here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Leaving right off from the first film, Bella celebrates her 18th birthday after recovering from a vampire attack from the last movie. Edward Cullen, announces to Bella that he and his family are leaving Forks, Washington forever to avoid the dangers of getting killed by the evil Victoria and to keep Bella safe.

After Edward leaves Forks, Washington, Bella is alone and spends most of her time with Jacob Black. Jacob reveals that he is in a tribe of werewolves as he is a werewolf himself. He helps Bella repair a busted motorcycle so she can go and find Edward herself. Later, Bella, finds out that Edward is in Italy who is about ready to join an evil vampire clan called the Volturi which is led by Aro (played by Michael Sheen). Victoria and Carlyle who are evil vampires are also in the Volturi. Bella goes to Italy to try and stop him from joining.

My thoughts? This was definitely much better than the first. There is a major improvement. The movie pretty much followed the book, but as usual left out a lot of very important plot points that could have been added in the film.

The last “Twilight” film was too much of a tween romance film since it was made by a female director. With this one being made by a male director this time, Chris Weitz, this movie was definitely more aimed toward the adult male audience than female, in my opinion.

“Twilight: New Moon” was more darker, it stayed away from the romance stories, it only had a little bit. This one was more about survival. With this being a male director, there is an improvement in the writing, acting, directing style, better special effects and more action scenes and more violence.

The soundtrack was even better than the last too. This film didn’t over do the music of bands playing over the movie like the last one did.

I was very impressed with the acting of Michael Sheen as Aro. I know Twilight is never going to be Oscar worthy but if something was to be Oscar worthy, I think Michael Sheen is an Oscar worthy performance for a, Best Supporting Actor award. His acting was really fantastic and he played the best vampire role out of the entire Twilight cast. Knowing that Michael Sheen played a vampire from the “Underworld” series. The Volturi scenes was the best parts of the movie, in my opinion.

Only thing I’m disappointed in, from the book “New Moon”, there was a long part in the novel where Jacob Black’s father, Billy, explains everything in detail to Bella about how he and his tribe turned into werewolves, but that part wasn’t included in the film for whatever reason. The character of Billy Black wasn’t in the film all that much.

Also, in the novel, Bella discovers that Jacob Black is a werewolf on her own, but the movie didn’t have that. Instead, Jacob told her.

In this film, we get less Edward Cullen and more Jacob Black. Taylor Lautner is the leading star in this one, this time. I think Taylor Lautner is going to be a bigger star more than Robert Pattison. People would forget about Robert Pattison very quick ’cause I think Taylor just overshadowed his popularity.

“New Moon” did have a shocking ending and it did get the audience talking, mysteriously as the film got over with. The Twilight movies are improving as each one comes along and I hope they make the next one, “Eclipse”, a great one also where people won’t give the films negative reviews.

Other than that, I absolutely loved, “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. Brilliant flick. Great job, Chris.

Score for “Twilight Saga: New Moon” = **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)


Report: Michael Sheen casted in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”…

Actor Michael Sheen has been casted in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. He will play the role of Aro, the leader of the vampire Italy group, the Volturi. Aro is an older character, not a tween, so they needed an older actor to fit the character. You would see Michael Sheen in such movies as, the “Underworld” trilogy, “Frost/Nixon”, “The Queen”, “Blood Diamond”, “The Four Feathers”, etc. No, he is no relation to Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Michael Sheen is from a different family, he was born in Wales.

Variety Reports:



Confirmed: Dakota Fanning to star in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”!!!

Teen star, Dakota Fanning, has officially signed to play alonside Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart in, “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. Dakota is set to play one of the main villains, she is playing Jane, a member of Italy’s evil Volturi.

Entertainment Weekly reports:



Confirmed: Taylor Lautner reprising role for Jacob Black in “New Moon”!!!!!!

Director Chris Weitz who is helming “New Moon”, the Twilight sequel, announced Taylor Launter will be reprising his role as Jacob Black. At first, Summit Entertainment were trying to decide whether or not they should have Taylor return as Jacob Black, but it was said that Stephenie Meyer first brought up the decision. She talked Chris Weitz into signing Taylor.

From Stephenie Meyer’s official website:


Great news!! I thought Taylor made a perfect Jacob Black and don’t see that character being replaced. Taylor should play Jacob in all 4 Twilight movies. Kudos for Stephenie for saving Taylor’s job!! That shows how cool she really is!


Confirmed: “New Moon” to be released Nov. 20th, 2009…

Summit Entertaintment already confirmed a release date to “New Moon” which will be directed by Chris Weitz, Melissa Rosenberg wrote the script. The film is confirmed for a release date of Nov. 20th. Due to no new “Harry Potter” film being released around Thanksgiving in 2009, this gave “New Moon” the opportunity to get another November date again as they did with the first movie, “Twilight”, was released November 21st earlier this year.

Hopefully the Nov. 20th, 2009 date is set in stone, because it’s possible there could be push backs if Chris Weitz doesn’t finish the movie in time. I hope Chris does a good job with it, I hope he stays true to the novel ’cause I feel that “New Moon” is better than the first. If you read the book, “New Moon”, it stays away from the romance, so there will be more thrills and chills in the next one. “New Moon” will be more violent too. Will it get a PG-13 rating because of it? Who knows.

Variety Reports:



Confirmed: Chris Weitz to direct “New Moon”…official…

“The Golden Compass” director, Chris Weitz, has signed with Summit Entertainment to direct “New Moon”, the sequel to “Twilight”. This means it is official. He is the next director, replacing Catherine Hardwicke.

Variety Reports:


I have mixed feelings about this, I don’t like the director choice. I do like the idea of a man directing the next Twilight movie though, I wish Summit would take their time, finding the right director. “The Golden Compass” was a terrible failure and that film didn’t look good at all. Weitz will probably fuck up “New Moon” too. I hope he makes the sequel better than the first but I doubt it.


Report: Chris Weitz been offered to direct “New Moon” by Summit Entertainment…

Summit Entertainment is not wasting any time trying to find a director replacement for “New Moon”. Summit Entertainment offered film director Chris Weitz an opportunity to direct the “Twilight” sequel. He is the director of such films as “The Golden Compass”, the first “American Pie” comedy film, and “About a Boy”.

More on it here:


I don’t like the director choice. I hope he turns it down and Summit finds a better choice. I still say go for either M. Night Shyamalan or Sam Raimi. Either of those two guys would improve the Twilight series for everyone to see it.