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Former child stars still acting in Hollywood today…

Yahoo compiled a list of top former child stars who are still acting in Hollywood today.

See the list here:


I’m glad they didn’t forget Kurt Russell, but they are still missing some very important ones.

How about:

  • Jerry O’ Connell
  • Wil Wheaton
  • Corey Feldman
  • Sean Astin
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Josh Brolin

Those are all actors still working today, how can Yahoo forget about Josh Brolin? Idiots! Josh has been acting since he was a kid and still a successful actor today.


Drew Barrymore’s “Whip It” is a good opportunity for the sport of Rollerderby…

The sport of Roller Derby is not that popular in America. It is a sport, but it’s not that mainstream of a sport yet. Drew Barrymore’s new film, “Whip It”, which is a film about Roller Derby is a good opportunity for that sport. I think the film will help get the sport recognized more.

The Roller Derby is wicked cool and an underrated sport.

There is Roller Derby games in the Albany area, believe it or not…the Albany All Stars RollerDerby is what I’m sure you’ve heard of…


It’s a pretty physical sport for women, basically a women only kind of sport. I have never seen Roller Derby before but I would like to see some Roller Derby bouts in Albany to see what’s it like.

Speaking of the Albany Roller Derby, check out, Flexi Wheeler of the team the Hellions:


She’s a local bodybuilder who has quite an impressive physique. If she can be successful at bodybuilding, anybody can do it here.


Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore reunite at “Whip It” premiere…photos…





Actress turned film director, Drew Barrymore, celebrated the release of her directorial debut, “Whip It” premiered in Los Angeles. As you can see here, Drew got a surprise visit by a longtime friend, and that is Steven Spielberg. The man responsible for making her famous.

As you all know, Drew Barrymore was born into Hollywood. Drew’s been acting in films ever since she was a little baby. Since she’s been doing films her whole life, this is how she is able to learn how to direct movies on her own. She is finally directing her own films.

Spielberg still has love for Drew as you can see here. He’s a good man to come out to support her film. Glad to see the two together again!


Report: Summit Entertainment says no director hired for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” yet, so does this mean Drew Barrymore still has a chance?

Summit Entertainment, just denied reports that a director has been hired for “Eclipse”. So this means, that the Spanish horror director, Juan Antonio Bayona, getting hired is just a silly rumour. This also means that an opportunity for Drew Barrymore is still open.

I really want Summit Entertainment to give “Eclipse” to Drew. I really think she can do a good job with the “Twilight” movies. She’s a big fan of the horror genre and I think she can make it work.

So Drew, you can now sigh with relief about this news, Summit hasn’t picked anybody yet! Good luck to Drew, I hope she gets it.

More on it here:



Confirmed: Director found for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and it isn’t Drew Barrymore, sorry…

I’m sure Drew Barrymore feels dissapointed about this news, sorry Drew. Summit Entertainment has signed their director for the third Twilight movie, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. His name is Juan Antonio Bayona. He’s a Spanish foreign director, about to get his first opportunity to direct a US film. He is a horror film director which his latest film is titled, “The Orphanage”.

Variety Reports:



Report: Drew Barrymore reveals she really wants to direct, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”…

Drew Barrymore, speaks out on reports saying, it is true that she is one of the directors being considered to helm the third Twilight film, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. Sounds like she really wants the opportunity pretty badily, but she admits that it’s their choice on what director to choose, so this means it’s possible that she would not be chosen.

More on it here:


Knowing that Drew has starred in a couple of horror films in the past: “Cat’s Eye”, “Firestarter”, “Waxwork II”, etc. Yes, I think she has what it takes to direct a vampire film.

She probably has her own vision up her sleeve, which is why she wants to do it so badily.

They’ll give her the opportunity, I’m pulling for you Drew. This will be great for her.


EDIT To add: It’s either she’s dying to direct the third “Twilight” movie because she’s a big fan of the books or she’s dying for a hook up with Robert Pattison? Me thinks she wants to get shagged by the Edward Cullen star.

Report: Drew Barrymore to direct “Twilight Saga’s: Eclipse”?

Drew Barrymore is reportedly in talks with Summit Entertainment to direct the third Twilight movie, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. I would think she would even have a small role in the film too, if she did get signed to helm the film.

See the news here:


Drew would be a perfect choice. She knows the teen and young generation genre more than anybody ’cause she’s starred in movies like those for most of her career. Drew has starred in horror films in the past before, so I think she would have no problem directing a “Twilight” movie. I’d say bring her on.


Report: Drew Barrymore wants another “Charlie’s Angels” movie…

Drew Barrymore is ready for action and is calling for a third “Charlie’s Angels” installment to complete the trilogy. The first two movies starred Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz…the films adapted from the hit TV series in the 80’s.

Barrymore’s film producing company, Flower Films, is pushing for the third “Charlie’s Angels” movie to get the greenlight. In the next film, they plan to add a fourth woman in the group to be considered as a fourth angel and they will also go for a different villain.

No director and screenwriter has been signed yet, but I’ll imagine that Drew will want McG to direct the next one as well.

More on it here:


I know the Charlie’s Angels flicks are not everyone’s favorite films, but honestly, I love ’em and find ’em very entertaining. I’m a big fan of the Charlie’s Angels TV series and enjoy the two movies as well. Bring on, “Charlie’s Angels 3”!!!