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People want to complain about “Texas Chainsaw” (2022)? The original had its problems as well…

So I watched the new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2022) a Netflix exclusive on the weekend it came out so while this film is getting mixed reviews, I want to say that I quite liked it. I liked it a lot really.

There are a lot of people trashing this movie saying it has no story… nothing but blood and gore. Many saying it was not scary enough. Really? I would have to think the exact opposite.

I thought the movie did have a story to tell this time around. I was also surprised how frightening and brutal this was one was. It was a bit gritty some scenes. I think that’s why some didn’t like it ’cause the brutality in the movie even scared the hell out of them. Especially this one scene which I don’t want to talk about to avoid talking about spoilers.

This movie is not a remake… it takes place 50 years after the Tobe Hooper original. Yes, the 2022 movie pushes leftist politics yes but I don’t mind as long as Leatherface slaughters leftist characters which is a part of what made the movie entertaining as hell.

They want to complain and bitch about this new one? Well, the original Tobe Hooper movie had its problems as well as I’m not too crazy about the original to be honest. The original had no plot and that movie is nothing but a girl screaming throughout most of it anyways. I don’t watch the original that much. I wasn’t crazy about Tobe’s directing style either.

My favorite Texas Chainsaw movie is the 2003 remake, that’s the best one, in my opinion.

I was impressed with the new one on Netflix so I’m gonna give it a second re-watch this weekend, I think.


Next Texas Chainsaw movie to be a road movie…

This is an intriguing idea. The next Texas Chainsaw movie maybe taken place out on the road instead of the same old house where it’s usually taken place at. In every Texas Chainsaw movie we’ve seen, they were all pretty much taken place at that creepy old house. Look like the next one will be a little more different. It will chronicle the events of Jackson Sawyer’s teen years and it will show you how he became Leatherface.


I know all these “Texas Chainsaw” prequels and origin stories are getting annoying but keep in mind making a “good” Texas Chainsaw movie is hard to make. It’s a pretty hard story to tell for sure.

I’ve seen all the movies but the original will always be a classic and masterpiece.


Report: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D” is coming, but will be made by the makers of “Saw” and not by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dune’s…

Twisted Pictures, the film company who owns the “Saw” series, is in final negotiations with Lionsgates studios to continue the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series. Twisted and Lionsgate will take over “TCM”, which they will get the rights from New Line/Michael Bay’s Platinum Dune’s. New Line/Platinum Dune’s already made two “TCM movies which was the remake and a prequel. There will be a third movie which will be made in 3-D. Twisted Pictures plans to make more films with “TCM” which is what this deal is for.

They want to keep Leatherface and the “Saw” villain, Jigsaw under the same company.

Variety Reports:


Hope they make the next Texas Chainsaw gory and really gruesome, that’s the way these movies are supposed to be. With the makers of Saw now in charge, I’m sure they’ll make the TCM movies better.

Marcus Nispel’s version of “TCM” was really good, I liked it, but the gore should still make an improvement.

I like this move. Interesting.