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People want to complain about “Texas Chainsaw” (2022)? The original had its problems as well…

So I watched the new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2022) a Netflix exclusive on the weekend it came out so while this film is getting mixed reviews, I want to say that I quite liked it. I liked it a lot really.

There are a lot of people trashing this movie saying it has no story… nothing but blood and gore. Many saying it was not scary enough. Really? I would have to think the exact opposite.

I thought the movie did have a story to tell this time around. I was also surprised how frightening and brutal this was one was. It was a bit gritty some scenes. I think that’s why some didn’t like it ’cause the brutality in the movie even scared the hell out of them. Especially this one scene which I don’t want to talk about to avoid talking about spoilers.

This movie is not a remake… it takes place 50 years after the Tobe Hooper original. Yes, the 2022 movie pushes leftist politics yes but I don’t mind as long as Leatherface slaughters leftist characters which is a part of what made the movie entertaining as hell.

They want to complain and bitch about this new one? Well, the original Tobe Hooper movie had its problems as well as I’m not too crazy about the original to be honest. The original had no plot and that movie is nothing but a girl screaming throughout most of it anyways. I don’t watch the original that much. I wasn’t crazy about Tobe’s directing style either.

My favorite Texas Chainsaw movie is the 2003 remake, that’s the best one, in my opinion.

I was impressed with the new one on Netflix so I’m gonna give it a second re-watch this weekend, I think.


Next Texas Chainsaw movie to be a road movie…

This is an intriguing idea. The next Texas Chainsaw movie maybe taken place out on the road instead of the same old house where it’s usually taken place at. In every Texas Chainsaw movie we’ve seen, they were all pretty much taken place at that creepy old house. Look like the next one will be a little more different. It will chronicle the events of Jackson Sawyer’s teen years and it will show you how he became Leatherface.


I know all these “Texas Chainsaw” prequels and origin stories are getting annoying but keep in mind making a “good” Texas Chainsaw movie is hard to make. It’s a pretty hard story to tell for sure.

I’ve seen all the movies but the original will always be a classic and masterpiece.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #29: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both Tobe Hooper & Marcus Nispel versions)

To catch up on my Horror Film picks from yesterday, I decided to do the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I love both versions, the original and the remake. The remake got mixed reviews, but I really loved it. The remake was just as good as the original, in my opinion. These lists aren’t complete if you don’t include Leatherface. One of the greatest horror film characters, of all time.


Cool Video: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D trailer cuts it’s way online!

Well, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D trailer is here. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a sequel to the 1974 orignal directed by Tobe Hooper. Which to me, doesn’t make a bit of sense ’cause there was already a Texas Chainsaw sequel that was directed by Tobe Hooper once again in 1986. Pretty weird why they are doing this, but whatever, it’s Hollywood.

Texas Chainsaw 3D looks okay, I might check it out. I’m a huge fan of the Leatherface character, these are great movies. I even liked the 2003 remake directed by Marcus Nispel.

Back to Texas Chainsaw 3D, I know some people are going to accuse this film of being a typical slasher film, but from the looks of the trailer, looks like it’s going to keep the same formula of the first film. The first film wasn’t a slasher and gore film, I think this film will be the same style. Reading some of the comments in that youtube, people are wondering why the girl at the cemetery would crawl into a casket to hide from Leatherface. Keep in mind, that this is just a “teaser”, they didn’t show the whole scene.

From what it looks like in the trailer, she’s hiding behind gravestone to gravestone. Moving to one gravestone to another quietly to hide from Leatherface, ’cause I’m sure he’s slowly looking around for her, and if she makes a single sound or gets in his sight, she’ll be a dead woman immediately. So crawling into an empty casket would be the best thing for her. I’m sure Leatherface didn’t see her crawling into the casket, he sawed through the casket anyway to make sure that’s where she was hiding. Again it’s a teaser, they didn’t show the whole thing. We’ll have to see the film ourselves as to how Leatherface caught her in the casket. Maybe he can smell her or something, I don’t know.

A lot of people are saying Leatherface doesn’t need to be a franchise, but what do you expect in the horror genre of film? Leatherface is a cool character and deserves to be entertained to fans for years to come. I’ll probably end up seeing this film. I’m a big horror fan.


Report: “Poltergeist 4” on the way? Instead of a remake?

Variety wrote this interesting article. MGM have announced they are moving forward with 5 new projects. The reboots of “Robocop” and Michael Keaton’s “Mr. Mom”, they are also planning an “Idolmaker” remake, along with a “Hercules” film with Peter Berg producing. Most surprisingly, MGM announced a 4th “Poltergeist” film, instead of a remake.

See the full article, here, at Variety.

Well, I think a “Poltergeist 4” is a great idea. Remaking the series would suck, I prefer a fourth installment to keep the story going. You may ask, how are they going to make a “Poltergeist 4”, when Heather O’ Rourke, child star who played Carol Anne is dead in real life? They can keep the story going easily.

For example: They can reunite Craig T. Nelson and Jo Beth Williams as the Freelings, Carol Anne’s parents, where the film announced that Carol Anne the character dies, and Kane (the villain in the series) takes her spirit to the Other Side. The Freeling’s tries to get over Carol Anne’s death, but maybe Carol Anne’s spirit comes back from the Other Side to haunt her own parents. The ghost Carol Anne would not be evil in the film, however, she protects her family from evil. Maybe, the series main villain, Kane comes back to haunt the Freeling’s, Carol Anne the ghost tries to stop Kane.

This is not the plot for the next movie, I’m just giving an idea. To show you an example of how they can keep the story going. They would have flashbacks of Carol Anne from the earlier movies too.The character Carol Anne is still alive in the movies because in the 3rd she comes back from the Other Side at the very end.

The Poltergeist movies are my favorite horror films, love all 3 of them. I felt there is more to the story to be told after the 3rd one. Back then, they couldn’t make a 4th one because of Heather’s death obviously, maybe MGM decided the story can go on somehow. Heather died during the filming of the 3rd one, when they were almost done with the film.

If they get a replacement actress for Carol Anne, that would be wrong, so I don’t think MGM stupid enough to do that. They won’t. I think MGM wants to bring “Poltergeist” back because of the success with the “Paranormal Activity” films.

I think it would be great if Craig T. Nelson returns as Steve Freeling. Craig T. Nelson is still acting, he’s been doing the “Parenthood” TV series on NBC, so I think he’ll return to “Poltergeist” whenever he gets offered to return.

So yeah, bring on, “Poltergeist 4”. I’m interested in how they will continue the story. The story deserves a nice closing ’cause “Poltergeist III” did open for another film.