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Cool Video: “The Expendables” teaser hits the web…Sly, Bruce and Arnie on the same screen???

Well, it’s finally here. Sly finally finished the “Expendables” trailer and released it to the web, exclusively at yahoo. The film looks very good. Very well made trailer. The song playing in the trailer is Godsmack. Sly hired Godsmack himself to write an exclusive song for the movie only. The film looks awesome and can’t wait for it.

I’m very happy for Dolph Lundgren that he’s finally back on the big screen in a huge way. This film will indeed get him out of his straight to DVD career.

Why do we have to wait for August to see this movie? I want to see it NOW!!!!



Report: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D” is coming, but will be made by the makers of “Saw” and not by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dune’s…

Twisted Pictures, the film company who owns the “Saw” series, is in final negotiations with Lionsgates studios to continue the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series. Twisted and Lionsgate will take over “TCM”, which they will get the rights from New Line/Michael Bay’s Platinum Dune’s. New Line/Platinum Dune’s already made two “TCM movies which was the remake and a prequel. There will be a third movie which will be made in 3-D. Twisted Pictures plans to make more films with “TCM” which is what this deal is for.

They want to keep Leatherface and the “Saw” villain, Jigsaw under the same company.

Variety Reports:


Hope they make the next Texas Chainsaw gory and really gruesome, that’s the way these movies are supposed to be. With the makers of Saw now in charge, I’m sure they’ll make the TCM movies better.

Marcus Nispel’s version of “TCM” was really good, I liked it, but the gore should still make an improvement.

I like this move. Interesting.