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Report: Nicole Kidman set to play a tranny in “The Danish Girl”, Charlize Theron will also star…

Man oh man, Nicole Kidman just won’t stop signing on to those controversial roles!! Nicole Kidman has signed a deal to star as a transexual who will be married to Charlize Theron’s character in a film titled “The Danish Girl”, it’s based on the real life true story about the world’s first post-op transexual Einar Wegener. Charlize Theron is set to play the wife Greta Wegener.

Yes, you heard that right, Nicole Kidman will be playing a MAN. The story of Einar and Greta is taken place during the 1900’s. Anon Tucker will direct “The Danish Girl” and Nicole Kidman herself will produce as well.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Expect this film to make huge media coverage all over the place as it’s already creating controversy right now.

Nicole Kidman has starred in other controversial roles, so this isn’t the first time…films like “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Birth”, “The Others”, “Moulin Rouge”, “The Hours”, “The Invasion”, “Bewitched” etc. Those are just some questionable roles she did I can think of at the top of my head.

“The Danish Girl” could get even more coverage than “Brokeback Mountain” did.